Names you absolutely LIKE

Well, this thread has brought on a ton of vitriol. Now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, why not look on the positive side for a change? What are the really good names?

For girls, in general, I believe for aesthetic reasons that euphonious girls’ names ideally have two syllables. (There are some good three-syllable girls’ names too, but one-syllable names don’t sound as good on girls).

Once, looking ahead to my first daughter, I was really seriously planning to name her Rosa. It would have to be Rosa instead of Rose because of the two-syllable preference and everything sounds better in Italian, anyway. I was inspired by the vision of Rosa Mystica in Dante’s Paradiso.

But as things turned out, when my daughters were born, I named them Nora and Selma. The sweet old-fashioned names are best for girls, IMHO. I may still use the name Rosa, if another daughter is ever born to me. My son is named Abraham. I always liked President Lincoln.

I love Ashley. For a boy.

What’s that I smell? Oh it’s RIP OFFFFF!!! :smiley:

No reasons, I’ll give if you ask.

Elizabeth (no dumb EliSabeth stuff)
Luke, but ONLY Luke, not Lucas or Lucifer :slight_smile:

That’s just a starter list.

My Aunt is named Peggy. Not Margaret, she was christened Peggy. I think that’s way cool.

I think William is a cool name. James too. I like the classics.

Oh, and I’m in love with TWO (count 'em) women called Kim. :smiley:

I am partial to the older names…I got into a fight with my ex-wife over the name for our daughter (I wanted to name her “Winifred”-I had to settle for Michelle). I think it is nice to revive older names…for a boy, I really like “Owen”. “Edmund” is aldo nice, as os the (Norwegian) “Lief”.
Oh well, another good girl’s name is “Tatiana” (Russian)

I’ve known two and would do anything in the world for them. A girl named Daisy would never break my heart.

My dad’s name and I have always liked it. Guys named David will always help me out, whether I need it or not.

My grandfather’s name Walter Roscoe. If I ever have a son, I will lobby hard for that name.



Cheri (not Sherry)





Lowell (Don’t as me why)

Thats about all I can think of right now…

for girls:

for boys, I don’t have specific preferences so much as just something that’ll cause minimal embarassment.

I like Jessica and Megan.

Daisy!! I LOVE “Daisy.”

I really like Dorothy. I know, it’s old-fashioned, but I think it’s lovely.

Penelope - though I’d prefer to shorten it to “Nelly,” not “Penny.”

Lucy - but I’d want a longer version, and I’m not hot on Lucille or Lucinda.

I work with a Rolla. I think it’s cool.

I am in love with Scarlett, but I don’t see that getting by Mr. Beef as a baby name. :frowning:

Let’s see, boys…

I just met a Thrond last night. Pronounced “Trond,” it’s Norwegian.

Dire Wolf - thank you! :smiley:

Tabatha (spelt that way because my niece’s is)

[hijack]Sweet Walter and Beefymeg :slight_smile: it’s so nice to hear someone else who like’s the name Daisy.
If I mention it to people they always pull a face. Unfortunatly, I don’t have a daughter to give the name too. :frowning: and I dont think either of my son’s would have appreciated it. :D[/hijack]

[blushing] and I like YOU

and by the by. My dog’s name is margaret, but we call her Daisy when she’s being cute. She doesn’t care for it.


No joke: I love the name ARCHIBOLD. Archie. ARCHIE ARCHIE ARCHIE. I’m begging my husband to let me name my first born Archie. He says he’ll be beaten up every day.

I also like Sebastian and Goeren. Weird? You bet. I’m a weird gal.

The only name on both of these lists that Mr. Jarbaby and I agree on is CHARLOTTE


I always liked Laura and Lydia for women. Also Maureen and Megan. It’s an alliteration thing, I guess.

For a son, there’s no question. Thomas Edward III, named after my grandfather.

I would be willing to compromise on those, though, but only if it’s a girl.

And I don’t know about anyone else, though, but I think Jarbaby is a good name.

Will you allow me the honor, madam, of naming my first born after you? Or having my first born? Either/or. :wink:

One of my favorite names for girls right now is Hannah. I’m starting to like a lot of the more old-fashioned sounding names, too, like Lucy, Lillian and Jospehine.

One of my classmates just had a son a few weeks ago and she named him Liam. I think that’s a great name for a boy. I also like the name Owen.

I agree with Beefymeg about Dorothy. I love that name. Also Emily, Samantha, Kate, Jessica and Michelle.

Emma and Catherine – my grandmothers’ names – are both at the top of my list for girls. I also have an affinity for Aisling (the name of one of my dearest friends), Sophie, Lucinda/Lucy, Gillian (I convinced my friend Amanda to name her egg-baby for child psych “Gillian Rose”), and Julianne/Juliana. I also like the name Gwyneth, but I could never name my child that because everyone would assume she was named for Ms. Paltrow.

Boys names that I’m partial to include Thomas, Liam, Cullen, Joshua, Aidan, and Loren.

A male friend of mine’s parents are Indian, as in from India, and his mother’s favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. My friend was born in America, and his mother decided to give him a good, strong American boy’s name–Ashley. He really hates it.
I also love the names Owen and Sebastian. I also like Honza and Donovan. For a girl, I’ve always loved Irene; it’s old-fashioned, but I think it’s so beautiful. But if I ever have a daughter, I’m naming her Louisa, and calling her Lola, after my grandmother.

Names that I like that I would consider naming my kids:
*Winston (I don’t know any kids in America named Winston; I wouldn’t mind being a trendsetter. :wink: )
*Oscar &


Names that I like that I would never name my kids, but that I still think are neat:

*Nicodemus (this is a real name, it means “people’s victor”)
*Anakin (of course I first heard this name off of Star Wars, but I still think it’s a neat name. Is it even a real name, or was it just made up for the movie?)

*Taffy (not that there’s anything wrong with this name, it’s not a name I would personally name my little girl, so no offense to girls out there named ‘Taffy’)

Aww, you guys mentioned my name, Stephanie, twice. I’m so flattered!!


Made my day, that did.