Naming the Days as a Kid

After posting to Trumpy’s thread about chicken snot a couple times, I remembered something: when I was in elementary school, every day had a different theme.

Monday: Marriage Day. Don’t get caught speaking to or looking at a member of the opposite sex. You’ll be teased mercilessly about marrying them.

Tuesday: Backwards Day. If you say you hate someone, you really love them! Etcetera.

Wednesday: Wedding Day. Same as Monday.

Thursday: ?

And finally, the most dreaded day of all.

Friday: FLIP UP DAY! Girls, don’t wear a skirt or dress because it will be flipped up and everyone will see your underwear.

Did anyone else do this? Or were we especially twisted in late 1970s Virginia?

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Apologies all around.

The only one I knew was that, if you wore pink and green on a Thursday, it meant that you were what would now be referred to as gay. That’s for guys. I don’t think it mattered for girls.

Tuesday was Toes-day: you stomped on as many people’s feet as you could without getting slugged.
Wen=dnes was wedding day for me too.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. That’s my name too.
Wait, no it isn’t.

AzRaek, "Toes"day sounds so right to me. Maybe Thursday was Opposite Day.

Ugh! I hated Friday Flip up day… L But we would get back at the boys and pull their pants down. w Flip DOWN.

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Thursday was thirsty day,Friday-french fry.

I don’t remember any other ones, but Tuesday was toes-day at my various elementary schools, too.

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Wearing green on Wednesday meant you were horny.

Of course, we all were, pretty much all the time…

I should have mentioned, that was like 8th grade - freshman year of high school. The others seem to be about younger kids.

I never heard any of this before. Guess all the kids at my schools were strange.

A friend of mine knew about this though, but the way she explained it, Friday was “Dress Up” day, not “Flip Up” day. I think “Dress Up” day is a little funnier.

Yeah, but “Dress” doesn’t start with an F.

Friday Flip-Up Day is much funnier.