What's your favorite day of the week?

Apparently, my nieces were practicing chart making by asking everyone they know to name their favorite day of the week. My Brother’s favorite day of the week is Red Shirt Day, on which he wears a shirt which is red and plaid, neither of which are things we associate with him.

To normal people, Red Shirt Day is called Casual Friday.

Thursday, the day I was born, and the day that basically let’s you know “Hey, don’t worry, dude, it’s almost Friday.” It’s like the Christmas Eve of the week.

I don’t have one; they all suck equally.

Sunday, at least during football season. Otherwise, Friday.

I really appreciate it when some doing a poll gives some sort of reason for polling. Thank you.

I look forward to Mondays now that I’m retired. Without the structure of a working life I can get pretty random. And during weekends when my husband isn’t working either we let the usual household chores go. By Monday I am glad to be straightening up and organizing my life again.

When I worked my favorite day was Friday. Time to get all random again! Is the grass always greener?

When I was a stay at home mom, I loved Monday. The chaos of the weekend was over, I had everyone’s clothes washed and hung up for the coming week, bought the food for lunches for the week…order had returned to the universe, and I waved everyone off to work and school. I had the house to myself and strange as it sounds, looked forward to a good cleaning job. I’ve always found it easier and more fun to get into cleaning without the family getting in the way, almost as if I was disturbing them somehow. (This summer I liked Sundays because True Blood and Mad Men were both on :), not saying much I know, but such are the small joys of life.)

Wednesday. The day I was born. The middle of the week. It could be a good day; it could be a bad day. It’s there, like the week.

Yea! Every day of the week has at least one vote. So far Saturday is narrowly beating out “don’t have a favorite” .

I like 'em all, any day I wake up and I’m not dead is a good one, but Saturday is the traditional go out and eat and see a movie and shop day for the wife and me, so that one gets the edge. No matter how busy our schedules the rest of the week, we always make time on Saturdays.