wearing green on thursdays

Does wearing green on thursdays mean anything to you ?

I’ve always associated Thursdays with the colour green, don’t know why. Tuesday is green too, but lighter.

Not since 8th grade, decades ago. Don’t tell me that piece of idiocy survives. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. IIRC, it was supposed to mean you were gay, and woe be to anybody who forgot and wore something green on Thursday - they became the butt of jokes all day.

A guy I used to work with who is much older than myself told me that it meant that you’re gay.

I’ve never heard anyone else say that there is a connection between wearing green on Thursday and being gay.

I suppose it’s something from the 50’s, maybe even to 40’s.

Okay, yabob I was making sure that I wasn’t talking about a practice limited to my elementary school in the 50s/60s. Now that I know that the “custom” was universal, is there any basis for it that is known?

I was told it meant you were horny.

Is it actually a “custom” or is it just some piece of idiocy invented and perpetuated by school kids (like the earing thing)?

I have never heard that. Our school colors were Green and Gold though, so it was common for people to wear green anytime of the week.

I’m not sure there’s much of a distinction. “piece of idiocy invented and perpetuated by schoolkids” is simply a particular genre of “custom”, isn’t it?

Mangetout said:

I’ve always associated Thursdays with the colour green, don’t know why. Tuesday is green too, but lighter.

You might want to check out the subject of synesthesia. Do letters of the alphabet also have colors to you? Is music three demensional?

FWIW, Thursdays are light gray for me and Tuesday’s are more of a shiny silver. [/hijack]

I was in 9th grade, roughly 1964, when I heard about it. I don’t think I heard about it again until I read the classic power-dressing book, “Dress For Success.” The author said you should never buy a brown suit, the color of poop. He also said you should avoid green, for you might forget and wear it on Thursday. Apparently, some adults perpetuate the story, too.

Wearing green on Thursdays meant you were “horny” at my school and at my husband’s (1980’s-90’s). Perhaps it got mixed up with the green M&M legend somewhere.

I heard the horny, rather than gay, version of it. There was a period of time that I made sure that I wore green on thursdays.

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yeah - same with me - Tuesday is a sort of lime green. And Friday is yellow, Saturday is blue, and …
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Well, I reckon that if it’s a “custom” then some gay people will actually wear green on thursdays to indicate to other single gay people that they are, in fact, gay. The other single gay people will be on the lookout for people in green. You will likely see small groups of flirtatious green people around the place.

On the other hand, the people wearing green are just wearing it because they like the colour and haven’t a clue what all the kids going “ha ha you’re gay!” are on about.

Thursday is green, Friday is dark blue, Wednesday is yellow or probably orange. Monday pale blue.

Mark me down for the 4th vote for it meaning you’re horny. I remember hearing that for the first time in the late eighties, not that this means anything.

I heard “gay.”

Judy Grahn in her book “Another Mother Tongue” puts forth a theory as to an association between wearing green and Irish pagan rituals being led by gay priests. It’s been a while since I read the book; I’ll look it up when I get home.

In junior high there was a teacher who was supposedly gay and he always wore green suits. I don’t recall any of the kids making an association between his alleged sexual orientation and the color of suits that he wore, though. Most of us mocked him mainly because he was very anal retentive and was a jerk most of the time.

I feel that Wednesday’s orange too. Thursday is more a kind of aquamarine though, and Fridays are yellow.