The wearing of the green

A contrarian of Lithuanian descent, I never wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, except, some years, inadvertently.

What’s your sartorial policy with regard to March 17th?

Green shirt, lucky boxers with shamrocks.

This year I remembered!

I’m wearing a green polo today. I hate St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m not in the mood for an hour of, “Why aren’t you wearing green?” at work today.

I come from a large Boston Irish Catholic family, we tend to wear the green on St. Patrick’s day, habit I guess.

Polish/Dutch gal working at an office where TPTB are Irish. Therefore, green sweater as camouflage.

I used to work with a woman who was Welsh and proud of it, and on St. Paddy’s she always made sure to wear her red suit. It was awesome.

I don’t think I even own anything green. I suppose I could go roll around in the grass for a bit and see if that greens me up any.

I voted other.

I’m not of Irish descent, and want to deliberately not wear green, but this morning it was only by accident that I didn’t. In my early morning, pre-caffeinated haze, I picked through my closet without even thinking about what today is, and avoided green.

I’d hoped to make it to noon w/o that damn song from 10th grade choir in my head, but OH NO you couldn’t let me, could you?? Now I’ll be meeting w/ Napper Tandy all damn day.
I voted in yer stinkin’ poll, too.

It’s weird, I’m not Catholic anymore, I don’t pay any mind to that part of my history… but it still bugs me to see someone wear orange on St. Patrick’s day. Must be all the stories from childhood about the Orange Order and what they did to my family way back when.

I’m mostly Irish, and am wearing my green Guinness rugby shirt today. :slight_smile:

I do have some Irish ancestry, but

A) I also have ancestry from a zillion other places and if I wore their colours on every national holiday I’d have to have a spreadsheet,
B) St. Patrick’s Day is stupid bullshit, and
C) The only nationality I care about is that I’m Canadian. I was born here, I’m a Canadian citizen, and that is that. I wear red on Canada Day.

I think I have a spot of Irish ancestry in there somewhere but it’s not really that important to me, so I marked “not of Irish ancestry” in the poll.

I think this “holiday” is insufferably twee and usually forget about it entirely until someone jokingly asks me where my green is and threatens to pinch me, at which point I give them the “try it and you’re losing a hand” face, and then they back off and just get me my fucking coffee, which is the whole reason I’m at their establishment in the first place.

If I remember, I’ll throw something green on. If I get up at 5:45am and am doing good just to remember to put on pants before leaving the house, like this morning, then I don’t wear green. Most years I don’t remember.

I had two shirts in my hand this morning. I put the black one back for tomorrow. My ancestors would be proud at all the thought I put into it. :rolleyes:

I’m of Irish descent, but not of Catholic origins, so green just wouldn’t be appropriate, anyway. And I’m not wearing orange. As if I gave a damn about this irritating “holiday”, anyway.

So I voted Other.

I follow this philosophy. I don’t feel like answering the “Where’s your green?” question all day long from every student I see. Nor do I feel like fending off juvenile attempts at physical teasing. It’s a defensive move on my part.

It bugs me, too, because it comes across as someone who’s deliberately trying to stir up shit on a day that’s boringly fake amusement at best.

German ancestry: and I wore my only green shirt YESTERDAY. I didn’t even think of today being St. Patrick’s Day until they said yesterday we were doing things today for fun. So I’m in the inadvertently did not wear green and not of Irish descent category.

I’m as non-Irish as you can get, I guess. Still, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear green, I just never remember.

“My underwear is green.”

Oblivious to St. Patrick’s Day. Hmm you’re right, it is the 17th isn’t it? ::looks at apparel:: no green.

I’m not Irish, and don’t particularly celebrate St. Pat’s - but I happen to have a green shirt and it was clean today so I wore it just for the hell of it. If I had not had anything green I wouldn’t have cared.