Nancy Wilson has died

Article. Another jazz icon is gone. Ms. Wilson really had a way with phrasing that made songs special.

A great singer, and probably the most famous native of my adopted home town, Chillicothe, Ohio.

I thought you meant Nancy Wilson of Heart, I was thinking she’s only in her mid-60s.

Can you please recommend any good songs to listen to of this Nancy Wilson?

Yup, heard about in the news last night. But I’m with What Exit?, can someone recommend some of her choice songs?

ETA — never mind, I just searched it.

I’ve been watching this news ripple through the DC jazz community on Facebook. Many people are very sad. :frowning:

She was one of the last living greats, and recorded a lot of material. You can’t go wrong with anything from the Very Best of album. “Guess Who I Saw Today” was one of her signature tunes.

I have a showcase coming up next month, and have been working on a set list. I’d already been planning to include “Never Will I Marry” – which I learned years ago from her version – and now it’s a definite.

My mom really liked her.

“Guess Who I Saw Today” - probably her signature song

Thank you both.

She had a great voice.

I’m willing to change the title, but not sure what to change it to. Would [jazz singer] be enough of a disambiguation?

That would do, but on the other hand, this potentially title exposes the classic rock fans to this Nancy Wilson. Maybe you should leave it. It is fairly obvious from just the hover.

I hear that Twitter initially had some tweets assuming that it was Ann’s sister. I’m sure a LOT of people were relieved to learn that it wasn’t the Nancy Wilson they knew about.

A suggestion for an amended thread title: [Chanteuse] Nancy Wilson has died.

My favorite Nancy Wilson was How Glad I Am.

I was listening to a nice Christmas tune she was singing last night. :frowning:

No doubt there were some people who thought Nancy Wilson the basketball player and coach had died.

My favorite Nancy Wilson song: (In a Long White Room)
I first heard it when the 45 came out (in 1969?) and was happy to find it as an Mp3. I could literally listen to it
all day.

Cool, thanks for that. Yes she did have an amazing voice.

Ugh. Jazz has enough of a snobby image problem. :wink: If the thread title needs to be changed, I suggest sticking with simply “jazz singer.”

Years ago, I about wore out a copy of Capital Sings Duke Ellington, which had three Nancy Wilson offerings: “Satin Doll,” “In a Sentimental Mood,” and “Sophisticated Lady.” What I love about her voice is that it’s deeply personal, yet free from ego and narcissism and self-absorption. (It might not strike others that way, but that’s how it seemed to me.)

Condolences to her family and friends. She gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of people.

This news has been kinda devastating to kaylasmom, who looked upon Nancy as one of her vocal role models (especially during the period when she [kaylasmom] was actively working as a nightclub singer).

She asked me to look up Nancy’s cause of death, so I went to Wikipedia, and found that she lost a battle to kidney cancer at her home in Pioneertown, California.

Kidney cancer aside, it’s kinda nice to think of ending out your days mere steps away from the (former) bowling alley where Gene Autry filmed his cowboy shows.

Vaya con Dios, Nancy. May you find yourself back in the (Heavenly) saddle again.