Napster finds

These is a list of great songs from some of my favourite bands that I had never heard of (and wouldnt have ever) before Napster. They are either B-sides or unreleased material or OMPST.

Lady with the spinning head
Deep in the heart
North and South of the River

Play Dead
Sweet Intuition


When the tigers broke free
Pigs on the Wing (PartsI & II longer version)
Iam sure there are more. Ill be back.

Anyone else have similar lists?

I’ve just finished collectring all 200+ songs by Gordon Lightfoot, and there were many that I hadn’t heard of before, and many very good. Some not, though.

I found some songs I hadn’t heard by Rage, Incubus, and Everclear.
I also got some songs off commercials that I like very much (even when I didn’t know the title).

Question: Does anyone know the song in the newest Gatorade commercial? It’s the one where there are two basketball teams (they appear to be NCAA) in a close game. The commercial is about 30 seconds long and runs at a speed somewhere between real-time and slow motion. The players are sweating orange gatorade and the focus is on one player who spins, drives the lane, and dunks (presumeably for the win). There is a brief cut to the bench where his teammates are cheering (with one banging the floor). I’m almost certain it’s an LL Cool J song, but after searching through the tracks on the G.O.A.T. album (his latest), none seem to fit. The chorus is “My game’s hardcore / leave it on the floor.”

I found all the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy episodes.


I experienced sheer jubilation as well when I completed this task. However, run on by to actually see these bad boys!! Just click on the videos tab on the menu and then go to the celebrities videos. I think they have 7. It made my year. :slight_smile: