Amazing stuff you discovered with Napster (and may now buy)

Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom
Nick Cave - Good Son
Mannheim Steamroller - any Fresh Aire

  • or maybe I just haven’t been getting out much.

I downloaded nine songs from The Five Americans.

I would buy the CD, but I am supposed top be getting a free copy of it via barter at some point…

sub to aha)[/sub]

Yer pal,
Satan - Commissioner, The Teeming Minions

Five months, one week, five days, 2 hours, 50 minutes and 31 seconds.
6604 cigarettes not smoked, saving $825.59.
Extra time with Drain Bead: 3 weeks, 1 day, 22 hours, 20 minutes.

*“I’m a big Genesis fan.”-David B. (Amen, brother!)

My friend discovered a version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” - narrated by William Shatner. Download it yourself, or simply imagine the song with John’s singing replaced by Captain Kirk in Shakespearean. “I miss the earth so much … I miss my wife”.

I don’t think I’m going to buy it.

Been thinking about spending some cash on Nick Cave though.

What does Cave do? I’ll look him up.

::sigh:: I wish Tenacious D was on CD. I’d buy it tomorrow. I’d sell my toes to buy it. Sadly, I must resort to Napster.


I’ve downloaded about a dozen tunes from the “California Guitar Trio”… A must for guitarists… No need to buy it, though.

I bought the Gourds CD after hearing their cover of “Gin & Juice” from Napster. Saw em live too.

Homer, The D signed a deal with Epic records recently so an album (and potentially movie) will be out in the near future.

Napster pretty much made me a solidified Rage Against the Machine fan. After hearing Calm Like a Bomb, i knew that this band was definatley something i had been missing out on for a long time.

VENT… Great band. Recommend the songs; Back and Forth, Sweet Frustration, and Looking Down. You can only buy the cd online though, which I did. They autographed it for me too. WHOOO HOOO!

Ani. Well, okay, I knew her stuff before, but Napster is where I downloaded all of it that makes me want to buy more. (and I have bought a cd of hers which I already had all the music from)

Godspeed You Black Emperor. Again, not discovered per se, but got the first taste of the actual music from napster. Also bought their cd.

Sweep the leg Johnny. bedhead. Delta9 (hey!). red stars theory. dianogah. portatastic. karate.
(thank you, Erika)

There’s good stuff out there.

Not that I’m going to buy any of it, but one thing I’ve done that’s really cool is downloaded my ENTIRE show choir show off of Napster. Also a lot of comedy.

Without Napster, I would’ve never gotten into or ever heard of the wonderful band Switchblade Symphony!!

I also used Napster to become a Papa Roach fan, before I got the CD, aloing with depeche mode and the cure.

I found this cool song called “Kyle is a virgin” by a band called gluefactory. It’s kinda a low-tech, garage band, hippy thing, but cool nontheless.