NASA set to announce discovery... any guesses as to what it is?

See here: NASA news release.

I’ve been trying to figure out what they’ve spent 50 years searching for, and all I can come up with is maybe a habitable planet (although that seems unlikely)?

Anybody else have a guess?

They wouldn’t be finding a habitable planet with X-ray observations, would they? Have they definitively found a black hole or neutron star, as opposed to deducing the location of one (“It’s the only thing that’s heavy enough and small enough to fit in that location”)?

What about a small black hole orbiting within the solar system? Or a magnetic monopole?

Black hole.

I heard something this morning on NPR about a “flash” in the sky that triggered an automatic override on a large number of robotic telescopes. Apparently this event was so hard to find, and observations of it were deemed so valuable, that observatories all over the world were willing to drop everything to scan that portion of the sky to observe it.

I’m guessing it’s a supernova of some sort, but we see them pretty often, so who knows?

Awesome, they finally found all those missing socks!

My guess is a supernova in our galaxy.

That was my thought… hence the “although that seems unlikely”; but I don’t know enough about x-ray telescopy to say for sure.

As for black holes, haven’t they already found them?

Supernovae we’ve already seen in our galaxy, I believe.

Socks? Maybe… :wink:

First thing I thought of when I read your reply:

Kent Brockman: We interrupt this program to bring you a special report.
Homer Simpson: gasp Someone found my car keys!

I got all excited, but then I noticed the press conference isn’t until next Wednesday. Sheesh. Those NASA folks are such teases.

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Hmm… could be. If so, a Mod can move it with no objection from me.

Why all the fuss about finding a black hole? The Earth will be overrun with the things by the end of next month. :slight_smile:

Please forgive. I didn’t mean that to sound so nit-picky. In the GQ section, I worry about my tendancy to speculate instead of cite.

Are the Mars Rovers still roving? Life on Mars, or perhaps water.

No worries. :slight_smile:

No, the Martians ran out of printer ink

I hate to blow the suspense, but… never mind.

There is no other way to find one, other than by deduction. It’s not possible to directly observe one, 'cause in a very real sense they aren’t there.

True, but gravitational lensing is pretty definite proof, isn’t it (even though technically it’s still just deduction)?

It’s clearly Voyager 6! :eek: