Nasal hair,why?

I can’t remember how I ended up on this site, but now I’m here I’d like to take this opportunity to appeal to your sagacity and ask a question that has been on my mind for some time.

Why does nasal hair exist? I’ve yet to find a satisfactory explanation.

Put a thin cloth over your nose. Stick your nose in a pile of dirt. Inhale deeply.

Now do the same thing, only without the cloth. Notice the difference?

Nose hair is kinda like the cloth.

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  2. As I understand it (no cite), nostril hair exists to keep dust, etc., from getting into our sinuses. (Eyebrows and eyelashes exist to keep dust and sweat out of our eyes.)

Nose hairs serve an important purpose. They filter dust particles out of the air streams entering your nose.

What’s always perplexed me, however, is why women seem to have less nasal hair than men. They breathe the same air, they have the same need to filter it.

What everybody else says…mrAru has alopecia and has absolutely no hair anywhere, and of all his hairs, he says he misses his nose hair the most=\

His doctor also has alopecia, and is curently working on some study he suggested about correlating alopecia/lack of nasal hair with an upswing in allergies and illnesses in alopecia sufferers. She was trying him on some steroidal nasal spray that sort of worked for a while, but not enough to give him a full head…er nose of hair,

MrAru picture

As you can sort of see, no hair, no eyebrows, he is wearing glasses so you cant see the lack of eyelashes. Oddly enough, he was more upset with his loss of hair than I was, I didn’t fall in love with and marry a head of hair! On the plus side, no more nasty shaving scum in the sink, and no more funky hairs in the tub drain =)

<microrant - why can’t men clean up the basin after shaving and get their funky hairs out of the shower drain?>

:confused: Do women clean their hair out of the shower drain? (I don’t know, I’ve never been married or cohabited with a female companion.)

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Who’s that with the cat growing out of their nose? :smiley:


and yes, women clean the hair out of the drain after washing it=)

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If the hair is there to filter out particles etc. - then why is there more of it as one gets older? And as as been said, why less for women?

They filter dust poorly, but certainly better than nothing. They do keep insects from crawling up there which would have been a major plus in primitive conditions.

They also utterly repulse younger women, which can save you an enormous amount of complication if you are already attatched.