Nose hairs

What do you do about nose hairs? i’ve noticed hairs starting to grow out my nose…why!!? What possible use could I have for hairs coming out my nose???

Just pull 'em out with tweezers, it don’t hurt much and they make you look really old.
And as far as why you are getting them, it’s because you are getting old (welcome to the club).


You must have a much higher pain threshold than I if you can pull your nosehairs with tweezers.

Get a pair of blunt nosed scissors and spent 30 seconds chopping them out over a sink.

I remember discussing this with my sister and she suggested I grow them and comb them up to my hairline. Or twirl them together with my ear hair when I get older.

those little machines that resemble mini grass trimmers. you know, the whirling piece of plastic? i was using scissors for a while but if you’ve got DT’s this can be ‘bloody’ hazardous! and poking them back up is never an option…

It’s the one’s at the edge of the nostril that hurt.

The other one’s are kinda cool to pull out. I’m always surprised at how far up they originate.

Same with ear hair.

Make this your new best friend! I have owed one for about 3 years now and I am still very happy with it.


Cutting them with scissors makes them go “bushy” in my experience. I quickly shifted to plucking them out with tweezers, only the ones that protrude of course. As previously posted it is only the 'lil 'uns near the edge of the nostril that hurt a bit. Treat it as character building!

We guys always get stick about our lack of pain threshold from the girls, if they can handle waxing to please us surely a little plucking aint gonna kill us?

As to why we have them in the first place, To filter out dust and muck in the air I guess. As to why they seem to have a growth spurt in our 30’s, well I believe our noses get bigger with age so maybe they are preparing to even up the proportions but have got the timing slightly out?

If only other things got bigger as we got older… :frowning:

My nostril hair seems to grow rather quickly… I find myself pulling 'em out every 10 days or so.

Them hairs at the edge of the nostril… pulling just one out is enough to make my eyes water, enough to make me sneeze uncontrollably, and enough to make my nose run, all at the same time… oh, the agony!!

Forget the tweezers. If you can get them with your fingers they are too large and protruding. If you can’t get them then they are serving their proper funcyion of keeping dust out of your snozz.

Plucking nose hair is a way to pass time waiting at a traffic light.

Grow 'em out long and train them into your moustache.

Get a lighter, and light it briefly under each nostril. The flame will frazzle those peksy hairs. Seriously, it works.

(Warning: don’t actually do this, unless you don’t mind a burnt snozzle)

notquitekarpov is quite correct about continuing growth of nose and ears as we age. This is because of the cartilage within those appendages accumulating more cartilage stuff which causes a gradual expansion.

Nose hairs shouldn’t worry you unless you tower head and shoulders over everyone else and provide those who look up to you with two hairy nostril tubes to gaze upon.

If you find it all getting too much for you then assume a new identity, grow a beard and go to the next town to deal with your nose and ear hairs permanently either by electrolysis or by laser. :cool:

Most painless way I’ve found to remove them is to grasp the end between my thumb and index finger, and then move the digits in opposite directions, causing the nose hair to spin on its axis. Continue spinning the nose hair till it breaks off at the base. Sometimes it is remarkable how long they are.

If you’re a guy then just grab 'em with some needle nose pliers. With them you can get about 30 at a whack. Then run some sandpaper up there until all the nubs are smoothed out. Then lacquer.

And pay no attention to the screaming.
It’ll stop…eventually.

Seriously, I have a brother that does this. It is the most foul, repugnant, disgusting and vile thing I have ever seen.

I refuse to be seen in public with him.

I use a double edge razor to get rid of mine.

I got a little electric nose hair trimmer for $10. Much easier than snipping with scissors, and hurts a lot less than tweezers. However, it is a TRIMMER, not a shaver, so try to avoid rubbing the inner sides of your nose too much to avoid major irritation. TRUST ME on that one.