Men: Those Unsightly Nose Hairs

OK, I am ignorant on this subject because, well, it just ain’t front-page news, ok? But, next time we have guests for turkey dinner, I’ll be sure and bring this topic up, ok? :smiley:

What do men do to hide, clip, pluck, or remove nose hairs protruding past the nostil? (Assuming you do not have a moustache, that is…) If you clip them, what do you use? Is there a special tool, or do you use your household scissors and aim carefully? Or, do you just tuck them back up in there? :wink:

  • Jinx

i use the scissor portion of my swiss army knife. very convenient.

Noise hair trimmers do exist.

I pluck. And swear a lot. For some reason, if I trim them with scissors, they get ingrown, but if I pluck them, they don’t. Go figure.

I have a moustache, but it’s not good camoflauge for nose hairs. I mostly pluck, although my wife did get me a nose/ear hair trimmer a few months ago that I use on occasion. The only problem with that is it leaves nose stubble.

Pluck, then have your eyes water up and sneeze alot. The tiny pliers on my swiss army knife are the weapon of choice.

I use the trimmer portion of my electric razor. No muss, no fuss.

I use a little stainless steel nose-hair trimmer. Have you seen one? It has a sort of cylindrical end that fits in your nose or outer ear area (don’t know exactly what it is called); you squeeze the little squeeze part and the inner part of cylinder rotates which creates a chopping action against the outer part.
I bet that is about as clear as mud. :frowning:

I’ve tried the nose hair trimmers. They don’t work sufficiently well for me. Like Skammer’s experience, the remaining stubble is too long for my taste.

I use a large size fingernail clipper. Very sharp and clips them off right down to the skin.

Best just to let them grow out, and pretend it’s a toothbrush moustache.

I have one of those nose hair trimmers. I thought it would be a great idea, but the vibration of it just drives me insane (eyes water, nose runs, etc.). I don’t know how people can use those things.


I used to pluck 'em, now I just braid 'em…

I use the very edge of a disposable razor to get rid of mine.

Pluck 'em with a hemostat. Four or five at a time. Builds character.

Pluck 'em. I had to endure a lot of watery eyes and tender nostrils for a couple of months before my membranes toughened up. Now I can rip 'em out in bunches by the bushel with nary a twinge.

If you pinch the tip of your nose, hard, while plucking, it seems to reduce the pain and eye-watering. Probably something to do with endorphins.

Let 'em get long enough, then bite them off.

Oh yeah? My record is 14 with a single pinch and pull!

Errr…Did I just admit that?

I use small scissors VERY VERY CAREFULLY. If the occasional long-hair gets missed, I rip it out by hand.

My ears are getting hairier as I age. It sucks. Tweezers and patience. I am seriously thinking about laser hair removal. I hate looking like that.


Ah yes. Ears too. I pluck those out with a tweezers. Both the hairs growing from the inside as well as those growing around the outer rim of the ear.

I pluck the ear hairs & clip the nose hairs. plucking nose hairs always gives me a painful infected follicle.