NASCAR's Trevor Bayne

After winning the Daytona 500, he followed up with 2 crashes at Phoenix, and was out of the race fairly early. This week he started 16th, and finished 20th after being a lap down.

I listened to him for the entire race yesterday, and I have to say- I’m impressed. Whereas most drivers can tell you what is wrong with the car (Although some have trouble with this- I’m looking in your direction, Junior), many (especially the younger generation) can’t tell you what to do to fix it. Trevor seems to have a grasp of the various components on the car, and what needs to be changed. That’s not bad for someone with as little experience as he has at that level of competition. He was poised, polite and focused throughout, with great communication between himself and Donnie Wengo. He came across as the (Even though I love Joe Gibbs Racing) anti-Kyle Busch.

I think he may be the real deal, and NASCAR could certainly use a feel-good story about a long forgotten race team finding a young gun to bring them back to glory. I will definitely be following his season. What say you?

I tend to agree with you, what I like most about him is that he’s not the pompous ass that too many drivers are.

While I’m a big fan of Junior, I’ll also agree with you about his trouble with getting his car better. I think it made a big difference when he lost Tony Eury Sr. as a crew chief, as he was his uncle, he respected him better and did not argue with him as much as he did with Tony Jr. and Lance, we’ll see how it turns out with Steve Letarde

I heard Bayne (Wood Brothers) won’t be running a full schedule. So does that pretty much put him out of any contention for the cup race?

Correct, Trevor Bayne is competing for the Nationwide championship this year, therefore, he is not getting points for any Sprint Cup Race he participates in, a new rule implemented by Nascar this year. A driver can compete for only one series title.

After winning the Daytona race, he could have changed to the Cup series if the Wood Brothers had found funding for a full season but he still would not have been able to keep the points for the win at Daytona.