Nasty chemical required for benign purpose. Any suggestions?

digs, No, of course I’m not serious about home surgery. Well perhaps just for warts, and ingrown toenails as has been discussed previously. [Can’t find a ‘tongue in cheek’ smiley!]

The ‘home-grown’ sense of humour outweighs that (mostly … where’s that smiley when I need it?).

I think that the dopers as a bunch are great. Just my way of showing a bit of appreciation.

It’s prescription, but cantherone works great. Made from the Mexican blister beetle, aka spanish fly. Causes a blister though, and that might be a bit unsightly, but that goes away in three or four days vs. 6 weeks of wrapping your head in duct tape.

it’s a pity you don’t want plant extracts.

See, warts are caused by a virus, much like cold sores are caused by a virus (it’s a variant of Herpes). So, try an antiviral agent, it’s your best bet to get rtid of them and keep them away.

If you were into essential oils, I’d suggest ravensara, but since you’re not…
maybe you could ask the chemist for an over te counter antiviral medicine?