National shortage of sperm in Scotland! What can we do to help?

It’s all because Sean Connery’s getting old, isn’t it?

[Sean Connery]

I’ll take The Penis Mightier for $100, Alex.


Yeah, but are they importing Scottish sperm from England? No shortage of Scottish sperm in England. :wink:

That is why they are not asking for any sperm from Wales

What about sperm whales?

Yeah, but are they Scottish sperm whales?

Besides, Wales probably has even more of a crisis. :wink:

Well… I can barely understand them when they talk.

That’s hardly a defining Scottish characteristic. :slight_smile:

We should all donate to seed a recovery.

I´ve heard the shortage of sperm is caused by a refusal of the customs agents to take a load.

No wonder the English are quick to give the Scots a helping hand; they’ve always been a bunch of wankers.

Gives a new meaning to “shooting off at the mouth”, uh? :wink:

Well, surely that just depends on the methods of sperm collection being used? :wink: