NationStates Dopers. . .come back!

Jenny: Go to the World screen then scroll down the bottom of there and you should see a Find Region button.

Have they added any new issues or do they still just recycle the same dozen over and over and over again?

I got sick of dealing with the same stuff after about a week and a half.

Ah ha! Success! The People’s Republic of Jerovia is now located in the Sea of Cecil!

Both. There’s a lot of recycled ones, but new ones too.

Please welcome the Sultanate of Aasna to the Sea of Cecil. We wanted to be a liberal paradise, but the UN cast us as an Inoffensive Centrist Democracy. We shall see about that.

Just for the record, how often have the Sea of Cecil-ians gone aconquering?

Our first invasion was into Mare Unae. We took it over as pirates and had much fun drinking their grog and such.

Our second invasion was into Hawaii. We went in as tourists and had such fun, that Hawaii was the place to be. Unfortunately we had our first taste of anti-region crashers. They are groups that are opposed to invasions, and try to put a stop to them by supporting the invaded region. Luckily we were long gone before they made their move, but they took it as a victory anyways.

Our next invasion was in support of Farkers that took down National Socialist Europe. We beat them Nazis real good!

Our last action was in The Pacific. We went in and helped the current delegate fight off a massive invasion. Over 150 endorsements per each side I believe.

That’s about it. I’m Happyplace by the way.

So where’s the map?

I keep getting a 404 error when trying to access the messge board. I’ll try again…

The Queendom of Jaade has joined the Sea of Cecil.


The Grand Duchy of Agamaria has joined the Sea of Cecil!

Wow, this is quite a turnout. I hope you all enjoy your stay at NationStates. I think you’ll find it pretty enjoyable.

The Sea of Ceilians seems a fairly active bunch of people. Lots of charging into battle.

Seeking clarification: Is a “frightening” economy supposed to be frighteningly powerful or frighteningly deep in the doldrums? Next, I’ve already started voting for UN resolutions. If my delegate votes otherwise, do I suffer repercussions?

Also, how did my nation go from being environmentally barren and hostile to environmentally stunning in one day? All because I voted for environmental policing at the UN? Stupid, crackpot game!
(Love your slogan, phelan…it’s just so…yummy. Be happy righh NOW! chuckle)

Your voting and the delegates voting doesn’t harm you in any way. The delegate has more power, though, as his vote is his one plus every UN nation in his region.

Huzzah! The Rogue Nation of GMRyujin is aboard. I was going to make our motto “Huzzah!”, but it wouldn’t let me use the exclamation point.

The Confederacy of Green Provinces is born and relocated to the Sea of Cecil (after a brief stay in the Atlantic).

Well, the current tally for the election referred to in the OP is 13-12 Tyber, the deciding vote being from the former delegate himself, Theocratic Eggheads. We would still love to see other dopers come and spread the word of Cecil, though.

So now I’m the delegate, and, as far as I know, we’re up to record high numbers! Thank you all for registering and trying this out, I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

elfkin477, DreadCthulhu, you can revive your nations and bring them back to life. All you gotta do is go to FAQ>Getting Help>Request for Moderator Intervention, then change the dropdown to “Other” and ask the mods to pretty please bring back your nations.

Or I can do it for you if you want. Hope you remember your passwords.