NationStates Dopers. . .come back!

Hmm. . .that went well. Here’s what should have happened.

I’ve noticed here lately that the numbers back in the old Sea of Cecil are dropping at a fairly serious rate, and we’re not even invading any place right now. In fact, we’re in the middle of an election (so if your nation is in the UN, it’d be nice if you’d go endorse Tyber :slight_smile: )

For those of you who have no clue what NationStates is, it’s an on-line game where you run a nation in whatever manner you choose. Be as serious or psychotic as you wish. If you want to check it out, it’s at

And again, if you’ve already got a nation, come back! Please!

You are from the Sea of Cecil aren’t you? Not some invader… :dubious:

just kidding… I haven’t been involved because I don’t understand how these invasions take place. But I have been keeping Jimiopolis updated and yesterday I passed the population of the US. Woo Hoo! I’m off to endorse Tyber right now.

And this is post number 400. Took me over two years to get to this point. Not the most efficient poster, eh?

Took me two weeks… I need a life! :stuck_out_tongue:

After many minutes of haphazard searching, Jimioplis has endorsed The Republic of Tyber.

Thank you kindly, 6. That brings the total to six, ten to go. Possibly five if things go right. . .

Yes. Come back, please. So far only a small amount of people have registered to the off-site forum I created, and made some of the guys admins of it.

I have an idea for a bunch of short invasions we could do for the next week or so…

Hey, this thread is working! We already have two new members, and I gained yet another endorsement!

i have just created a nation and added it to the sea of cecil, and here is what it says:


and somehow i got catergorized as an anarchy.

go figure.


The Borderlands of Behrein are now in the Sea of Cecil

And someone claimed my Skankified Sluttiness title over there. Bummer, it’s all cool though

The Holy Empire of Disguntled Elves disappeared on me some time back. You leave a country to govern itself for 3 measly weeks…

I had the Holy Empire of New Rlyeh a while back, but I laxed on the maintance, and it sunk into the ocean, just like the old Rlyeh.

The Free Land of New Coil has withdrawn its endorsement from The Confederacy of Theocratic Eggheads and now endorses the Republic of Tyber.


Is this like SimCity?

Well, apparently not. I’ve signed up!

The Dominion of Green Bladders.

Not really. It tries to simulate a nation by giving you an “issue” each day and you have to decide how to respond. The most long term playability though comes from invading other regions and taunting the locals in a witty manner.

Its free so you might as well sign up and give it a go. Remember to join your fellow dopers at the Sea of Cecil.

Hey if you want to join in the invasions just say so. There’s not much to understand about them really, everyone moves into another region en masse then takes over the UN delegate spot.

The Republic of Brancadium has also joined.

I’ve created my nation - the People’s Republic of Jerovia - now how do I move it to the Sea of Cecil? I can’t find it among the listed regions - help!