Navy Jet Crash

There is a report on the news about a Navy jet that crashed near the U.S.S. Eisenhower, killing both pilots.

I wonder if Chief Scott knew these guys. Maybe it explains why he hasn’t posted anything in the last couple of days.

Yes. I’ve been quite busy the last two days being a Navy PA type. To make matters worse, we had distinguished visitors aboard at the time of the crash.

Let a couple of days pass, bring it up again, and we can discuss this further.


I pretty much figured that you, being the public relations man on board, were probably busier than a one-armed coat hanger right now. Military plane crashes always scare me because I have a couple of relatives who are military pilots (one is an Air Force pilot, the other an Army helicopter pilot), and my step-dad is an airplane mechanic for the Air Force too.

Oh man . . .

This is hitting me pretty hard. My roommate Matt went to UPT with Capt. Sanders at Vance. He’s leaving this weekend to go back to Vance for the services.

I feel bad because I took the original call last night while my roommate was out of the house. I didn’t know exactly what happened at the time, but I don’t ever want to tell someone to call a friend because “someone got hurt -bad”. . .

My prayers to the family.


I’m in the same boat as you ShadowFox, except my brother is a Naval fighter pilot, so reading that made my heart skip a few beats.

Damn! That’s bad news to get, Chief. I’m sorry to hear it.

Let us know what you can when you can.

If aircrew perished, they did so in a fine tradition of the American military maintianing the readiness to respond to the demands that our position requires.

I mean that, but it somehow sounds hollow if your dealing with the lives of your shipmates. I’m sorry to hear it.