Nazi 'Vaterland' song

What is the name of the Nazi song that starts ‘Das Vaterland! Das Vaterland!’?

There is one in Cabaret! called “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” with a chorus of “Oh Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign your children have waited to see! The morning will come when the world is mine! Tomorrow belongs to me!”

Mildly creepy, especially when we did that show in high school…

The one I’m thinking of often turns up in newsreels. I may have also heard it in a movie from the era.

OK, I checked out the Wiki page on Cabaret. It says that Tomorrow Belongs to Me is a 'pastiche of the rousing German patriotic songs of the period ’ and mentions Die Wacht am Rhein. I think that’s actually it.

Here’s a page with Die Wacht am Rhein; doesn’t seem to fit your description exactly. Here’s more info from Wikipedia. It’s sung in Casablanca, so maybe that’s what you’re remembering…


Could be. As far as not fitting, I may be misremembering ‘Lieb Vaterland’ as ‘Das Vaterland’.

If you’re thinking of the song the German officers sing at the piano in Rick’s, in the “Marseillaise” scene in Casablanca, that’s “Die Wacht am Rhein”.

YouTube link.

Yes, that’s it. Thanks for the link. It saved me from having to pull out the DVD.

And, of course, just for the record, “Wacht am Rhein” predates the Nazis and isn’t a Nazi song. It’s an anti-French song, but who can’t get behind that? :slight_smile:

Damn! Wrong thread!

Presumably a lot of the French customers and staff in Rick’s cafe had trouble with anti-French songs :slight_smile: – and that might be why they fought back with La Marseillaise.

Allegedly, WB wanted to use Horst Wessel Lied – much more demonstrably Nazi – but couldn’t get clearance. Die Wacht am Rhein was in the public domain.

I recall in Europa, Europa, the Hitler Youth sang a song that began, “Sharpen up the long knives on the paving-stones, [something something] into Jewish flesh and bone.” Was that an authentic song?

I’ve also heard of one that begins “When Jewish blood spurts from the knife, things go twice as fine” – Or “the blood of others,” I’m not sure. Same as the above, or different song?

They’re both different songs from each other, and both different from the Horst Wessel Lied. They’re SA marching songs

The lyrics of the first song are, in translation:

The lyrics of the second song are, in translation: