NB computer has SD card slot, but isn't being detected

I was happy to find out that the Acer Aspire notebook computer I have at home has an SD cards reader, so I can access my digitial photos directly. But then I was sad because putting the card in the slot made no difference whatsoever to the computer – I’m not sure if the device isn’t being detected, or what, but no new drive shows up in “My Computer” and it seems that itty bitty slot might as well be for holding business cards or something. Any suggestions?

The SD slot in your laptop may already be detected. Do you have drive’s under my computer besides C (regular use), D (system restore maybe) and E: (DVD drive)? If there are more, those are the flash card slots. Stick the card in and see if any of those open up. (Can you open any of them with the card in?)

If not, you should check your device list to see if a card reader is listed. If not, you may be out of luck or there could be an internal USB cable disconnected. If there’s and unknown device or if the card reader is present, you might be able to get drivers from Acer and reinstall the reader.

I have had troubles reading older style cards in new readers, and, reading
new style cards in old readers.
maybe, you have just such a mismatch.

Thanks for your replies – I tried the same SD card in a different reader that I know does work, and still had trouble, so you’re probably right, it’s a problem with the card.

This may be an obvious solution, but have you rebooted? If a card is pulled out of one of those slots without the computer being warned in advance, it can disable the drive until after a reboot. Perhaps if you mis-seated the card in the slot it engaged and then got pulled out as you were fiddling with it.


Are you putting an SDHC card into a SD reader? 'Cause that doesn’t work.

Hmm . . . it may very well be; I don’t have it in front of me right now to check. So how do you transfer pictures to a computer if it does happen to be an SDHC?

I’d buy a USB SDHC card reader for $10 or less.