Well crap. Memory card issue, Win XP

I have a Gateway M360 notebook that has a built in card reader. I’ve never had any trouble using it before, but I’ve never tried using a large capacity memory card, either. My laptop is about 2 years old, and they weren’t around when my system was put together, I don’t think.

Anyway, I have a brand new SanDisk 2 GB SD memory card but my computer won’t read it. I’ve been through online chat TWICE with Gateway about it, but I keep losing connection with their support server, so that’s of no help. They had me download a new driver, which I did. When I installed it, the device was SEEN, but said it was not formatted. When I tried to format it, it failed using the FAT 32 way. I did successfully format it the other way, took some pictures, then put the card back in. It read, but it was all symbols and gibberish.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers but now when I try to right click the device or do anything, it just freezes up the My Computer screen on me.

SanDisc is closed for the holiday and Gateway is about useless unless I spend another hour trying to chat with them. Any suggestions or ideas? It seems so easy, but it’s just not working. So frustrating!

Can your computer access other SD cards inserted in the same port?

Yes, it can- I’ve used 256K and 1 GB cards with no trouble. This card is brand new out of the package and reads fine in my camera, but seems incompatible with my card reader in my laptop.

Is the lock switch on the SD card in the unlocked position?

Is your card SD, or SDHC? Your computer may not take SDHC. They look the same, but they’re not.

Fear: I tried it in both positions, same result.

Telemark: It is an SD card for sure.

Find someone with a newer machine and try the card in it. That will determine if the problem is in the card or your machine.