NBC's Queer Eye, 11/26

I don’t know anything about ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, I was just flipping threw the channels, and started watching the show because nothing else was on.

It wasn’t a bad show to be honest. I doubt I will watch it much, but it was sort of fun.

I almost turned off the program towards the end, because this poor guy’s mother is a jackass. Part of the show had to do with the ‘Straight Guy’ getting rid of his toupee. He seemed to hesitate with parting from his wig at first, and mentioned that his mother wouldn’t be too happy with the decision. When the man ended up revealing his new self to family and friends, his mother was openly disappointed by his being bald, (not to mention the new style of the house).

Is it me, or does this woman seem like a HUGE bitch? What sort of mother would not support her son in being happy with himself, and not needing a wig to be confident? If I ever lose my hair, and it upsets my mother that I don’t wear a piece, I would be EXTREMELY offended. Everyone else liked his head. I know a lot of women who like bald men, and he doesn’t even need to worry about that anymore since he HAS someone. What’s the problem!? Grow up lady!

Already a thread on this–c’mon in, the water’s fine!