NBC'S The Blacklist: Season Three

Saw the opening episode last night and liked the turn of events taking place and it kept me interested in terms of wondering what would happen next.

Before the season finale I was getting annoyed with the storyline and was relieved when Elizabeth Keen was finally arrested. Her and Raymond being on the run was getting tiresome. Now let’s see what happens to that Mr. Solomon, the hired hand. His character is pretty good in terms of acting and it pisses me off because he is so evil and shady. Good thing he was arrested and we’ll have to see how that pans out.
I want to see Tom come to a conclusion, I like the character and Ryan Eggold, but enough of this Tom seems to die but then reappears stuff. It’s annoying. While she is not bad at all, the Samar Navabi character is not to my liking, and was a bit put down when she and Ressler initiated romance.

Anyways I liked the season premiere very much.

Did any one watch this any more of this season? I finally finished the season finale, and am very disappointed that Liz is still alive.

Not sure that needed a spoiler, but what a cheat. They had taken the show in an unexpected direction and then threw it all away.

In general I liked the season - Spader of course continues to be amazing, the general plot lines were good, Mr Solomon makes a great continuing bad guy.

Could do without the soap opera stuff around Tom and randomly running into his parents.

I think Red’s astonishment that one of his own could pull that off right in front of him was worth the price of admission.
BTW-The stuff about Tom and his parents? Back-door pilot for a new series this fall, which did get picked up.

Particularly that it was Mr Kaplan. I like her line about how she always protects him, this time it was protecting him from himself.

Interesting bit about Tom - there’s going to have to be some pretty fancy dancing to extract him from the Blacklist story.

Wait… People actually thought that Liz was actually dead?

I too was hoping they’d off Liz permanently, but it also seemed pretty clear that her death was faked (especially knowing that the actress was actually pregnant, so it basically came about as an excuse for the actress to get a break from the show). I did enjoy Season 3 for moving away from the “Red helps the FBI with the villain of the week” premise. I do wonder how they’ll manage to stretch the FBI characters into having a story reason to stick around and help out, though… kinda hoping they all just leave the FBI and go rogue.

I had read about the spinoff a few episodes before the finale, and was quite surprised when the season ended without even beginning to put Tom in a position for the spinoff (though quite honestly, he should probably just be dead… no reason for his captors to leave him alive).

I thought Navabi was a terrific addition to the show. The character that she replaced, Malik, didn’t impress me in the least. Navabi, on the other hand, is a much more believable badass. And while I wasn’t really rooting for a Navabi/Ressler pairing, it at the very least was not as grindingly obvious as pairing her up with Aram. I think the latter is ultimately inevitable, because network television writers aren’t particularly imaginative, but that doesn’t mean I have to think it’s a very interesting idea.

While I knew that Liz was not really dead, I thought the episodes where she was absent were better than the others. Sigh.

Agreed. Liz drags down every scene she is in, Megan Boone has just one facial expression that she uses for every scene - eyes half closed mouth slightly open. She’s terrible. The show is so much better when it is not The Liz Show. It’s funny that the show was clearly trying to make Liz being alive such a shock, when everyone I know who watched knew it was a fake-out from the moment it happened. Oh Mr. Kaplan will take the body, will she? OK, so no autopsy. Gee, let me guess the funeral will be a closed casket? Yup.

Least surprising “surprise” ever.

Especially given that her name continued to appear in the opening credits of each episode.

Eh, that didn’t really stand out because that is extremely common. I have seen many shows where after a character is killed they still have their name in the opening credits.