NC Sheriff's office offers Valentine's Day 'special' for exes

just seen this as I was browsing the news pages on MSN

You know there’s a few spurned lovers that’s gonna take them up on this …

Maybe the most fascinating part of the article is:

Some reactions to the post praised the idea as brilliant and hilarious, and one person suggested whoever came up with the idea deserves a raise. The News & Observer of Raleigh reports others did not find it funny. “Nothing like making a joke about people’s freedom!!” one commenter posted.

There have been no end of law enforcement stings – some very creative, some very clever, and some so scaldingly obvious as to make it almost embarrassing to be a dumb criminal.

I wonder if the Hallmark Channel will buy the rights to the story for this one. Made for television, indeed.

[ISTR a Valentine’s Day from my distant past that did involve a pair of handcuffs … but I digress]