NC weather report: OMGWTFBBQ!!!

No, I’m not mocking the weatherman’s leet speak - I just found a literal use for this acronym:

OMG, as in, “Oh my God, there is no oxygen in this air!”
WTF, as in, “What the fuck? Opening the front door should not be like opening a pizza oven.”
BBQ, as in, “Getting in my parked car is like being barbecued.”

Seriously, I kind of hope global warming *is *a myth, because if it gets progressively warmer, by 2020 August in Raleigh, NC will be like the surface of the sun. Between the heat and the ozone levels, the government is literally warning people not to go outside. Social services is actually giving people air conditioners, 'cause otherwise they might die.

It’s fucking hot, man.

It feels like 36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit) outside today. I’m staying in the nice air-conditioned library, thanks.

It is sweltering outside here:

Currently: 98 F
Condition: Haze, Few Clouds
Heat Index: 109 F
Dewpoint: 74
Humidity: 46 %
Visibility: 4 mi
Wind: N/5 mph

I can only imagine in some hotter parts of the country

It’s disturbingly nice here in central Oregon. I woke up to 45f this morning, it’s only 66f right now, and the high is only supposed to hit 81f.

I do NOT miss Texas summers… although the storms could be fun.

We just had a mini-downpour, and the temp is 88. Feels like 95 with the 61% humidity.
I love Florida.

It’s about 101 today… again. They say it feels like 115.

St. Louis is suppossed tp hit 102, with a heat index of 109. It’s always a little disturbing to be able to see the air you breath.

99F here in Northern VA, heat index of 110F. I’m so glad I dont have an outdoor job! I dont know how they do it.

Yeah. This is the 4th? 5th? day in a row that I’ve woken up to the radio telling me that it is a “Code Red” day and people with athsma shouldn’t even go outside. People like me.

I would say something but I’m afraid karma would notice us cowering over here in Central Texas and hand us back our normal summer, with interest.

I was in Las Vegas last week, Black Hat Security conference and gambling too, and that was the hottest place I have ever been to. I don’t know what the temperature was, but if someone told it was 3000 degrees I would probably believe them.

I grew up in Cuba, in the tropics, without air conditioning, and I found Las Vegas weather almost unbearable.

The Better Half is a letter carrier. He drank an entire gallon of water during the day yesterday (heat index 105), and that’s just the water he consumed out on his route, not including the water he drank when he came home to lunch.

You wear the silly-lookin’ plastic solar topee, because they do work. You wear shorts even though your hairy knees stick out. You take it slow.

And you remind yourself that this too shall pass, and before you know it, you’ll be carrying mail in the slush in January again.

Same here in Memphis. The forecast for the entire foreseeable future is right around 100 every day. And we’re moving this weekend.

No shit, we ain’t broke 100 yet. I say this because the forecast for tomorrow is 100 and I figure what the heck, we’re due. Over due. I think our first 100+ day was in April last year. And we’re more than 5" over our normal precipitation in a place that usually gets ~20" a year.

oooh, jackelope, that’s a bitch. I hope at least the place you’re moving to is really, really nice!

Yup, we too are in temperatures in the low 100’s, heat index around 110. And it hasn’t rained in ages. All the water just sits in the air, waiting to condense on my glasses when I step outside.

Did I mention the ants? They are desperate for water, so they’ve infested the garden and herb planters, and are constantly making forays into the house.

My understanding of working outdoors is that you basically drink water constantly. I think I would still keel over, though.

I was warned when I moved down to NC from Chicago that it would be hotter here. I decided that as long as I rented a place with air conditioning I could handle it. Especially because I have no compelling reason to go out in the worst of the heat. It was certainly worth it not to have to deal with snow during the winter.