NCAA College Football Playoff 2020-21

Devonta Smith might be the next Jerry Rice: small town kid from the Mississippi River Valley (Amite, La). Tall, skinny…you look at him and think, he’s not a football player. But he runs routes like a mother. He just needs to add 20 pounds of muscle, which he will. And when he does, he will be dominant.

Sucks like hell for Tre Sermon.

Heh, back off—I have a tab open with a live feed…now if only I could decide on who to root for…

Clemson. My Cornhuskers never play Clemson. I hope Clemson outscores Ohio by 50 points.

I meant the Crimson Tide of course. My auto-spell got carried away. I’m enjoying the score so far.

Er, it’s Ohio State vs Alabama, bruh. Not sure why you’re talkin Clemson, lol.

I plead runaway auto typing and failing to double check that labor-saving device. And a traumatic brain injury that significantly messes with my word-finding. I know what I’m thinking but not what my fingers are typing. You ninjaed me while I was typing the correction.

I’ll have to be your sistuh. My chromosomes are fresh out of XYs.

oh, no worries, sistuh, we’re all football fans here :cowboy_hat_face:

I’d like The Tide to win by 36 points. Little old lady Nebraskans are vindictive when in comes to football.

LOL, I like it. :laughing:

28 points~ :football: **ROLL, TIDE!! :football: