Omnibus College Football Thread 2021-22

Im watching the UCLA v Hawaii game and UCLA defense made a stop on Hawaiis first drive. Hawaii punts and it was a magnificent 55 yard kick. But,but…the snap was low and the punters knee touched the ground. This being college football he was down when his knee touched and it erased his impressive punt.

17-0 UCLA at the 6:06 mark of the first quarter. Their rushing game has been devastating. Next up is LSU at the Rose Bowl.

Nebraska starts on another sour note losing to Illinois. Scott Frost should have stayed in Florida.

UCLA up 44-3 with 11 minutes to go in the 3rd. We havent looked this good in years.

This game is tough on the players. The temperature on the field was 112 at the half.

Yeah and LSU looked very shaky last year, especially on defense. It’ll be interesting to see how a (finally) good UCLA team matches up against a (maybe or maybe not) revitalized LSU team. Historically, LSU has done fairly well in opening non-conference marquee games, though the dropped an opener to Wisconsin a few years ago, ultimately contributing to Les Miles demise a few games later.

Agreed about Scott Frost: if you’re Nebraska, losing to Illinois will not be tolerated. I don’t see this ending well. I thought he was the real deal but building a program isn’t easy.

I am excited about next weeks game but Im a little pessimistic. Our QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson is a wildly inconsistent passer. He hasnt looked good today. The defense is much improved. The crowd might not be a sellout because of Covid and school doesnt start until 9/23. Should be a great game.

I think it’ll be a good game, a good test for both teams. I don’t see a loss as a disaster for either team as there’s an entire season afterward.

Agreed. So many great games next weekend. Im so happy college football is back.

If LSU hadn’t melted down last year I would have said that their secondary could be a problem for a wildly inconsistent passer. But their secondary was anything but shut-down last season. Even the games they won were a little scary. I’ve never seen a drop-off from being such an elite team - one of the best in conference history - to being a team that other conference teams actually looked forward to playing. It was weird. The only bright spot last year was that their offense showed flashes of some of their 2019 brilliance. But then again, their offense was absolutely mauled by Alabama and A&M

Well Alabama’s gonna be Alabama. Christ, Bama lost a lot of good players and they’re murdering Miami, which at least seemed like a competitive team last season.

Spartans off to a good start, looks like the O-line will be more competitive. Still worried about the corners though, they got burned a few times last night. One thing I hated about the game was Northwestern showing up in black and yellow. I wish that fad where everybody has to wear black for a game or two every year would go away. But Mel Tucker is off to a good start, if you ignore last year.

Ratings don’t mean shit this time of year. Does Miami look like #14? Or Indiana #17? Or Oregon#11? Or UNC #10? I wish they’d just avoid ratings until say 3 games are completed.

Michigan St was indeed very impressive. Northwestern was a solid team last year, and I find it hard to believe that they’ve dropped off that much. The Spartans just might be back. Michigan looked pretty good today, too, but Mich St’s competition was stiffer.

LSU v UCLA could be a real test. Yeah the Bruins beat up on Hawaii but how they won was impressive. LSU is probably improved, but they’re without their planned starter Miles Brennan and are now going to throw Max Johnson into the fire a year earlier than anyone had planned. The word is that Johnson has the talent, but he’s obviously inexperienced. I look for the Bruins to try and put pressure on him. If LSU can both run and toss it downfield, it’s going to be really hard for UCLA but if they can anticipate the run and stuff it, then that puts LSU in 3rd and long. The more they can do that, the better their odds. I’m not at all confident that LSU’s defense has recovered well enough to be able to contain a Chip Kelly offensive attack, so their offense will have to put up numbers.

I don’t want to give the UCLA coaches any ideas (lol), but it occurred to me that if they’d pass behind the linebackers (i.e. traditional West Coast offense), they’d probably get some big gains. LSU is defending against the deep pass b/c they know it’s coming. They’re thinking either 15-20+ yd pass or run up the gut. What they’re not prepared for is a crossing route or skinny post for 7-20 yards.

What I don’t get as an LSU fan is, why is LSU not running the ball? LSU is running back U. This has been their strength going back to the 90s, when they absolutely sucked ass.

-Kevin Faulk
-Jeremy Hill
-Steven Ridley
-Spencer Ware
-Alfred Blue
-Michael Ford
-Leonard Fournette
-Clyde Edwards Elaire

And we’re tossing the ball and not running? WTF?

This sucks. LSU is turning Big12

I don’t recognize this team. It’s like they’ve invested everything in the passing game and they have no running game.

My Sooners got lucky as hell this week. If they’d played Tulane in Louisiana, they’d have lost.

Meanwhile, it must suck to be Washington right now.

UCLA is clearly a much-improved team. It’s a quality win against LSU. I don’t think that this is anywhere near the LSU team that played in 2019, and I’m not sure if it’s even as good as any of the teams that played between 2007 to 2018.

The fact that we lost to a non-conference team (or a conference team that’s not Alabama or Auburn) doesn’t bother me - we have ups and downs like any program. What bothers me is that the way this team played is just so totally out of character. LSU recruits strong, physical players, which usually translates to being able to pound the ball on downs 1 and 2 on offense, or being able to stop the run on defense.

By contrast, this squad just went air raid from the get go. This is not a typical LSU football team.

That being said, congrats to UCLA. It’s a quality win. They were balanced on offense and physical on defense. They could make some noise in the PAC-12.

LSU v UCLA was an excellent game. The takeaways for UCLA are their toughness on offense especially in the running game and their quickness playing a base nickel. They have loads of fourth fifth and sixth year senior starters so they had better win this year. DRT is shaky at QB and he could be the weak link on this team.

LSU has deep problems on their OL and DL. They couldnt stop the run. Their young QB is talented and should grow into an excellent QB as long as he doesnt throw any more no-look passes. They have an excellent WR corps lead by Kayshon Boutte who will be playing sundays barring injuries. They were far better when they dumped the 5WR sets and played a more traditional offense.

I think your Sooners will be okay; Tulane is not necessarily a joke anymore. The concern for OU, again, is their defense, which needs to tighten up a bit more. Even so, it’s not like they gave up 40 or 50.