NCAA Question/Trivia

This week, Jeff Demps won the Men’s 60 yard dash at the NCAA Indoor Championships for Track and Field. His team, the Florida Gators, also won the team championship. In 2009, the Gators, with Demps, won the NCAA football championship by defeating Oklahoma. Has anyone else won National Championship at a team and individual level in more than one sport before? Herschel Walker maybe?

BTW, Ashton Eaton of Oregon also set the World Record for the Heptathlon at the same meet. Pretty cool.

I’m not sure of the dates, but…

OJ Simpson was with the USC Trojans team that won the national championship in football in 1967, wasn’t he?

And I KNOW he was part of a 4-man 100 meter relay team that stayed in the track & field record books a long time.

If I’m right, would OJ count?

He’d be part way there, although I’d still count a relay as a team event. Didn’t realize he was that fast.