NCIS - Character Dresses As Sandy From Grease

I watched episode 6 of season 12 of NCIS - which is the most recent episode I have ever seen. In the UK we are a couple of years behind… The main plot was the wife of a Navy SEAL was murdered and suspects included terrorists, the neighbour, a jailed serial killer and the husband.

It was a Halloween episode and ended with Agent Bishop dressing up as Sandy (Olivia Newton john) from Grease.

It triggered major deja vu here. I could have sworn I had just watched some other female character in a Cop Type show end the episode dressing as Sandy.

Shows I watch include NCIS Los Angeles (up to about Season 6), NCIS New Orleans (Season 2) and the new Hawaii Five-0. Internet searches have failed me. This is driving me mad. Has any other show had a character dress as Sandy from Grease?


We’ve been binge-watching “That '70s Show” and Jackie (Mila Kunis) did the Sandy bit in one of the eps. The cast even sang the song–with a dance routine, to boot.

Nope. Never watched The 70s Show.

My deja vu was triggered by the belief I had seen someone dress up as Sandy in some sort of Crime show.


I think it was Hawaii Five-0. From at least a couple of seasons ago-- because I don’t presently watch. I think there was a new female team member, and she was on her way to watch a movie with the medical examiner guy(who may have a different job title).

Yes, Hawaii Five-O, the character was Lori Weston, played by Lauren German, during season 2.

I’m having trouble finding a good pic, but here’s a link talking about it.

Thank you Eureka. That is the one.

I just KNEW I had recently seen a character dress up as Sandy. I tried a google search of Hawaii Five-0, Sandy and Grease but nothing came up.

However I recall the Muscle car plot, the grumpy pathologist sub plot… That’s reassured me I wasn’t imagining things.