NCIS: Dead Air (Spoiler)

Not much of a spoiler: The team spends most of the episode chasing a bomb and, near episode’s end, there is an explosion. Not much of one, though; half a stick of dynamite would’ve made a bigger bang than the one shown. Earlier, we see one of the sad sack bad guys pay Ziva 300 grand just for the detonator. For that kind of scratch, I’d expect Oklahoma City-level devastation. This just knocked over some BBQ grills.

A lot of shtick in a very small episode. Tony and McGee’s homoerotic bonding over baseball, Abby’s wacky sonar experiment (she knocks over an empty plastic jug while blindfolded, missing the huge vat of liquid nitrogen right next to it; Oh, Abby!), Ducky chatting up an open corpse, etc.

A lesser episode.

I thought the same thing about the meager explosion. I just chalked that up to the exigencies of production schedules. Everything else was up to par, I thought. Loved Tony doing the door-to-door thing.

Laughed hard - and I mean hard - at squeaky Tony the Interagator.

That alone was worth the 300k explosion - (and what, no one noticed him chaining the damn thing shut?) - and the badly done corpse in autopsy - the first one just looked awfully poorly done.

I’m glad they are back to light single story episodes rather than overlong multi show dramatic events.