NCIS question about episode "Suspicion"

This was season 4, episode 12. It airs later here in Holland, so I just watched it tonight. The problem is, I only got the last 10 minutes or so of the program, so I didn’t understand the ending.

What I saw was, while creepy music that I remember from “Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers” was playing, someone set a family’s house on fire, killing the couple and their son. As they lie dying, he comes out of hiding dressed in a firefighter’s outfit, watching them. Then he leaves.

Can anyone tell me why he killed them? I read spoilers and understand the rest of the show, but that point wasn’t touched on.


Your description sounds exactly like the beginning of an episode of “Criminal Minds.” The episode’s title is “Ashes and Dust.” The opening scene shows a family trying to escape from their burning house. As the mother dies while trying to open a door that has been locked shut, a man in a firefighter’s uniform is watching. Enya’s song “Boadicea” is playing (this song was featured in Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers).

Is it possible that you were watching the beginning of “Criminal Minds” rather than the ending of “NCIS”?


You’re right. Criminal Minds comes on directly after NCIS and I didn’t realize it had ended. The problem is that they don’t play all the credits after the show here, just a brief shot of the producer/director whatever. My intention was actually to watch Criminal Minds later, as we were taping it, because Coldfire likes to watch The Apprentice, Britain.

Egg on the face. If I had waited long enough to watch the tape again, instead of posting my confusion immediately, I wouldn’t feel so silly.

You’re a star.

I’m glad I could help! If you’d like a recap of the episode, there is a very thorough one here.

No worries, I’m watching it right now. Coldfire is amazed that you could pick up the fact that it was Criminal Minds based on what I gave you. Are you a big fan, then?

Yep. My husband and I are hooked. To me, “Criminal Minds” is head and shoulders above most of the other crime shows of recent times. I’d probably watch it even if it weren’t so well-written. I am a huge fan of Mandy Patinkin, and I think Shemar Moore is the hottest guy on TV.

Oh, yeah. Inigo Montoya. I’ve loved him forever. All that, and he can sing too!