NCIS Season Finale

Did anybody else see this? Except for the mind-blowing twist ending, this was a particularly awful episode. Furnell’s daughter (I’d forgotten that he had one) winds up in the hospital ICU after an opioid overdose (Ripped from today’s headlines!) and the whole thing winds up being a cheap swipe at Canadian pharmacies, you know, the ones Americans who can’t afford $500/dose for insulin or Diapram go to. This just seemed really tone-deaf. The show’s sponsors, at least for the online version, seem to include a lot of pharmaceutical companies, so it seems like the producers know which side of their bread’s getting buttered.

Wilmer Valderama and Emily Wickersham were just going through the motions this whole episode, compounding the suspicion that one of them won’t be back next season. I really hope the next season focuses on the culture clash between the old school lunkheads and the computer dweebs; this should have been the show’s focus since Vance made the comment about future agents looking “a lot less like Tony and a lot more like McGee.”

Not much of a twist ending. They’ve been building up to Ziva’s return, in at least two episodes anyway. I didn’t take the episode as a swipe against Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturers, but I did think the opioid addiction story was lame.

Also, I’m tired of the Gibbs Murder Angst. I hope they don’t go with ‘OMG! GIBBS HAS BEEN ARRESTED! IS HE GOING TO PRISON???’ thing. Without Gibbs, there’s no show; so we know that he’s not going to prison.

I could Gibbs winding up in prison for a part of one episode - but he certainly wouldn’t stay there.

I’m tired of Gibbs’s whole schtick. And I honestly don’t get all of the drama around Rule 10. The character is old enough to retire, but still needs two shrinks to tell him he’s afraid of personal connections/intimacy? And somehow, this *particular *stress suddenly turns him into a complete asshat? I’ve been watching since S1 E1 and was thinking this might finally be my last NCIS season, but dammit I like Ziva…I guess I’ll watch at least S17 E1.