NCIS 9/19 (Season Premiere)

I know there are still a few NCIS fans left … who else watched it tonight? :slight_smile:

I though it was a fairly typical episode, though I’ll admit to being disappointed with the Gibbs deus ex machina even though I knew that they wouldn’t have an episode without him. I think the standard rule is that info from teasers is allowed without a spoiler box, so I’ll say that it seems like Gibbs might be “back” next episode – which is also disappointing, because I like the idea of seeing Tony become a real leader with McGee as his #2. I can do without that redshirt of a female probie, though.

On the other hand, I started watching the show in the first place for Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon, so I won’t complain (much) if Gibbs un-retires. :smiley:

I watched it. I was a little concerned after seeing the “season of secrets” promotions–I’m not sure that characters keeping secrets from each other are really what I watch the show for.

But I mostly enjoyed last night’s episode. The whole “we’re waiting for our leader” scene bugged me–I know it makes sense in TVLand, but I’m not sure it makes sense that Tony has continued to be allowed to play leader for 4 months–and I so wish he’d grow up a little. And I like Abby’s quirks, but I sometimes wish she’d be a little more dignified.

I don’t mind that Gibbs was brought back for this episode, (and left again), but it does seem kind of convenient if all the Gibbs-less investigations took place over summer break.

My favorite scene was when all our favorite NCIS characters–minus Gibbs and Ziva–meet and discuss the risks of trying to help Ziva. Everyone’s dialogue was SO in character.

As much as I liked to see Tony attempting to turn into Gibbs and McGee attempting to turn into Tony, I thought it was kind of meh as season premieres go. I am of the opinion that the show just plain won’t work without Mark Harmon, so I don’t really care what plot device gets used to bring him back.

Agreed – that kind of fake suspense was a little silly, even for this show (which I love, don’t get me wrong!).

Abby has bugged me since last season. I like Pauly Perette, but the whole goth-Pollyanna thing has worn very thin. I’d be interested in seeing a more mature version of that character, though.

Hmm, interesting … and a distinct possibility!

I liked that exchange between Tony and Palmer.
Tony: How does “Black Lung” sound?
Palmer: Like a painful and ugly way to die.
Tony (rolling eyes): No, I meant as a code name.

I missed it. Anyone care to catch me up? Last I left it, Gibbs didn’t know what the year was and was still in his hospital bed, Ziva seemed OK but a little freaked out and Tony was leading the team.
I thought that was the season ender. Did I miss more episodes than I thought?

Gibbs went down to Mexico to live with a former mentor because he didn’t want to be with NCIS anymore; I forget the details, but he was quite disillusioned. Yes, you missed an ep. or two towards the end.

For the opener this season, Ziva and the team both called on Gibbs separately because Ziva had been caught up in a terrorist mess and framed; she was in hiding and needed a lot of help, to say the least. The Director tried being nostalgic with Gibbs at the end, but he said his memories were fading. He’d really gone native, very hirsute and more interested in roofing or building a teak hot tub than in going back to work. But we’ll see.

Ah, thanks. Love me some Ziva. I’m betting on the ‘bust down the door, kick ass and take no names, Gibbs is back’ episode coming up.

I like Pauly Perette and I love her tats! It is interesting the way that they sneak a peek at her neck or upper arms or back every once in awhile and you just get a glimpse of something outrageous. Wouldn’t mind at all seeing her nekkid just to study the workmanship!

I also picked up last night that Zeva and Tony have been playing games outside the office (along the lines of hide the salami) once a week while Gibbs has been gone.

She didn’t deny that, but didn’t confirm it either … none of the photos were compromising, and I would have expected some kind of acknowledgement of that between her and Tony. I’m not saying it hasn’t been happening, just that I won’t be surprised if that was a red herring and whatever they’ve been doing once a week is completely platonic. Maybe she’s been teaching Tony how to fight. :wink:

My husband just about fell out of his chair in the episode where McGee watches her change shirts from the back and you see her back tattoos. He went on and on about it. I sat there dumbfounded as I pointed to my black PaulyPerette/Betty Page hair and back tattoos. I think he honestly didn’t see the similarity for a while.