Need 2 player cooperative RPG games for Playstation

Hi all,

I just got through playing Diablo for Playstation cooperatively with my wife.

She loved it (I thought the PC version was a bit better), and we’re trying to figure out what other <b> cooperative </b> RPG games for the original Playstation are available.

Can anyone list a few? We’ve never really played anything else on the darn thing, so all suggestions would be helpful.



Coop RPGs are a rare breed, my friend. If you have/shell out the bucks for a PS2 you can play Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance which is, visually and gameplay-wise much better than the Playstation’s version of Diablo.

Beyond that, well, I guess I’m not much help. Good luck, though.

You could try Gauntlet Legends, though its based on an old arcade game and the look is a bit dated. Otherwise it is a lot of fun (my flatmate and I played it to the end). Its mostly running round solving puzzles and killing monsters. You should be able to find a second hand copy fairly cheap.

Thanks… Do you happen to know if Final Fantasy Tactics is a 2 player game? Are any of the Final Fantasy series?
Thanks again,


Nope, to the best of my knowledge everything with “Final Fantasy” on it is single player (except for XI, of course).