Need a card-making program

I thought up an idea for a card game. Problem is, I can’t think of a way to actually make the cards themselves. Oh, I thought of a few ideas (pasting the cards over old Magic the Gathering cards, printing them out on paper and putting them in plastic card sleeves, etc) but none of the ideas give a very satisfactory result for me.

What I want is some program that would allow me to make the cards, along with special perforated card sheets I could load into a printer and print out. Then I could punch out the cards, and have my own!

Is there anything like this on the market?

No, but you can buy card stock in craft stores (or the craft section of any store that has one) and print out on that, then use scissors or…one of those…cutting machines (What are they called?)

If you want a Magic-style layout, you can use this program and supply your own words and pictures (bear in mind that everything but Lands will require a number in the upper right, but you can edit out the text). Save the card images, then use a picture editor to manually put them next to each other for easy printing. That step may take a while.

More importantly, what’s the game?

Well, about the game:

I saw a game called ‘Zombie!’ (I think that’s what it is called). It was a board game where you are fleeing from hordes of zombies. The game looked fun, but I thought, “why just zombies? You could have a game where you are fleeing Xenomorphs, or chainsaw-wielding killers, or vampires!” so I came up with the idea for a game.

At first it was going to be a board game with playing pieces and dice and ‘action’ cards. Then I figured it might be more streamlined if I kept it to just dice and cards.

The game is basically re-enacting cliched sci fi/horror films. You pick an archetype, gather weapons, fight monsters, etc. The object is to survive through a predetermined number of rounds, fending off not only monsters but each other (because at any moment a character might turn out to be some alien doppleganger, a traitor, or the real serial killer :eek: . The main objective is to survive, but I also want it set up so that it is quite possible nobody survives at the end (sort of the OMGWTF type endings, like ‘everyone are androids with programmed memories’, or ‘It was Ape planet all along!’ type zaniness)