Need a fedex account number to receive overnight shipment?

I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I’m desperate enough to ask it anyway. I’ve been trying to get Wells Fargo to send me my vehicle title for almost 2 months now. I still haven’t received anything. I am now insisting they overnight it, and they said they’ll only overnight if I provide them with a Fedex account number. I went to and it’s pretty confusing. Can I get an account number for free, or do I have to pay for it? Which link would I click? Why do I need a Fedex account number to *receive *a shipment in the first place, anyway? I’m not sending anything.

They want your FedEx number so they can charge you for the overnight delivery. It’s their way of telling you that they’ll only overnight it if you pay for it.

You don’t need a number to receive a shipment.

Would they be able to charge an overnight shipment to my account without getting my (explicit) consent? The rep didn’t say it would cost me anything when I asked about it.

Honestly, I am sufficiently fed up that I’m willing to pay for it anyway, as long as it actually goddamn gets here.

No. Giving them your number so that they could make a shipment to you would be consent, though.

They’ll just punch your account number into their FedEx Software when they run that shipment. No big deal. I’m sure there’s some way to dispute the charge, but you’re going to get the bill to begin with.

It’s no different then them saying “We can overnight this to you if you give us a credit card number”

It might cost you $50 or more for overnight, but like you said might be worth it if you’ve been going back and forth with them.

If they’re requesting a fedex account number, is there a cheaper form of delivery I could request they use? I don’t care if it gets here in a week, I just want to know it will get here. And tracking would be nice. And I trust fedex way more than the usps in those regards.

Again, sorry if this is a stupid question. I have never shipped a package, except for that USPS priority box once.

You need to ask them that. My guess is that they have a regularly scheduled pickup with FedEx, so that’s who they are going to use. Our contract is with UPS, so that’s who we would use in this situation. Some companies are more flexible than others.

FedEx Ground should be maybe $10 or so. Depending on how many states away the shipper is, it could arrive overnight or it could be a week. And it should have decent tracking, assuming they share the number with you.

Really, even if they sent the vehicle title by first-class mail, you’d probably receive it within a week, and the chances of it going astray are minor.

Thanks for the tips. I really just need a way to track it, then I’ll be happy.

Yeah, probably, usually, most of the time, etc. I didn’t receive it and it’s been 3 weeks. So whether it went astray or was never sent, I don’t know.