Need a good exercise video (or two)

Ideally I’d like something:
[li]low impact[/li][li]scalable to different fitness levels[/li][li]focusing on strength training[/li][li]not requiring much equipment[/li][/ul]
I’m working out at home now, and I realized just how bad my fitness level has gotten, particularly my muscle strength. For cardio I can do Just Dance or go for a walk, but a good strength training routine is missing. Obviously since I’m a flabalanche I need to start slow. Videos with “shred” or other violent verbs in the title are probably not for me. But something that gives you more challenging options would be nice as I get stronger.

I own 3 and 5 pound weights, a mat, a step, and a Pilates “magic circle,” and I’m not looking to expand that collection. So stuff that’s isometric or uses body weight would be great.

I’d also be interested in any great low impact cardio titles you might know of, just to keep my mix of activities interesting.

Thanks Dopers!

pilates for strength and tae bo for. cardio. both have free videos on youtube.

Thank you for introducing me to the word “flabalanche.”

Go on youtube and do a search for Zuzka Light. Try to ignore the fake boobies. Her workouts are frequently interval workouts, meaning a) they don’t take long and b) the difficulty adjusts to your fitness level. is also a good one, but start with their older workouts. Most of their newer stuff is really complicated and involves either a lot of equipment or a lot of modifications.

I’m a fan of Beach Body Turbo Jam.

Okay, I’m going to suggest this having read and understood your OP, and disagreeing with one of the parameters of it: the 30 Day Shred is a great workout for exactly what you’re after. WAIT! Don’t walk away! Let me explain!

You do have to start slow. You do have to take breaks that Jillian doesn’t want you to take, at first. You will want to die the first couple of times you do it. But your body will get used to it fast, and you will be SO proud of yourself. If you stick with Level 1 for a month, it will seem easy at the end of the month. And you’ll be so proud of yourself!

It’s what I did to get some strength and toning back after pregnancy, which included pelvic instability, a c-section, and a 56 pound weight gain. I was so weak and also a flabalanche, trust me. It’s not a huge calorie burner, but the toning it gives you makes you look better very, very fast.

So consider it. You don’t have to do it every day, right?

Both my wife and I have used and like the Core Fitness DVDs, but you’ll have to spring for a fitness ball. Another one we like is called Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom (yeah, I know:rolleyes: but it’s a pretty good workout). Just hand weights needed for that one. Each targeted area takes 15 minutes or there is a 15 minute combo segement you can do.

Edit: Just reread your OP. I would say these are more for toning, not as much strength training, though you can probably do some. They are low impact; maybe a little jumping in the second one, I think. They are scalable in that you can work up to heavier dumbells.

I’m glad you like it, but now I feel old! (It’s from a 1989 SNL sketch.) I will check out the online stuff - never thought of that!

Actually this was available as a 1.99 download from Amazon. And technically the “shred” is used as a noun, so it doesn’t conflict with my parameters. :wink: I tried it and it’s serviceable. I wouldn’t use it as my only thing, but it will go in the mix.

As a matter of fact, I do have a ball - just need to find the pump for it. I’ll probably check both those out - thanks for seeing me past the stupid name on the second one - just the kind of thing I was looking for in this thread, since I most likely wouldn’t have given that a second look on Amazon!

I read teh title as "I need a good exercize video (FOR 2). I had a few in mind…