Need a humane cat repellent

You know, for keeping those fighting, screeching, yowling critters out of the back yard at night. Is there something safe and humane I could spray out there?

Petsmart seems to have some humane deterrents, but they are a little pricey.

I hate when I’m in a helpful mood and can’t really help much.

In the absolutely no help whatsoever dept: no product I’ve ever tried to repel cats has actually worked.

One device I haven’t tried but sounds like a good idea is these motion detectors you hook up to a sprinkler system. They’re designed to repel deer and I don’t know if they work on smaller animals, but about the only thing most cats seem to hate is getting sprayed with a sprinkler.

However, I did have a female cat one time who loved attacking the jet of water from my garden hose, so I can’t even guarantee that. Here’s one. $70 though.

I’ll see about one of those sprays for the back garden/planters. Hope it works.

Cats dislike the smell of turpenes, which are organic compounds with smells that humans usually find fresh and pleasant. Citrus fruit and pine are examples of turpene-dominated scents. Also, cats like the smell of petroleum, such as engine oil and tar, so don’t pave your yard.

We had a problem with a raccoon wanting to move in under our house. I wanted the Raccoon gone, but I refused to harm it in doing so. We ended up at one of those giant home centers asking for help. They recommended a product called Critter Ridder. It isn’t toxic, instead it is a very strong mix of peppers. It cost about 20 bucks if I remember correctly. You simply sprinkle it on the ground it the areas where the animal accesses your yard. Anything coming in contact with it isn’t harmed (unless severe sneezing is harmful). Rocky got the message and moved on.