need a new computer game

Got a new computer a while ago for work. My old computer sucked so bad I pretty much got out of the game sceen, and I don’t know much about the games recently, but I don’t want to leave the house in 103 degree weather, so I decided to pick one up. However I don’t want to fall for a pretty box and a crappy game. So tell me about the cool ones.

Mostly I’m thinking about getting a civ-building-fighting for empire type, I saw an add for imperial glory, is it any good? Or maybe a blow shit up type. Like a Mechwarrior type. Or what would even be better is a Privateer type. Flying around space blowing shit up sounds really cool right now, but it needs the build yourself up, lust for the good weapons, bit of a plot style to keep it interesting for a while. Any suggestions?

Empire Earth II
I’m currently ‘playing’ (read: tearing hair out in rage) Psychonauts.

Rome: Total War for Civ type empire building. There’s a new iteration of the excellent “Total realism” fan modification out very soon too.
Eve Online for love you long time space empire shooty shooty action (note: it’s an MMO and thus requires a subscription fee). The storyline is provided by players - with large areas of conquerable space for endless double crossing, backstabbing, espionage and nerd drama.

I found Eve a bit intimidating and having a too-steep learning curve. All my work colleagues played it together and kept persuading me to get back into it.

Eve looks perfect,unfortunatly I’m stuck on crappy dial-up for a while so online isn’t going to work very well:(. Total war seems worth a look. Psychonauts looks interesting

Eve plays just fine on dialup. You might end up twiddling your thumbs somewhat browsing the market or warping into particularly busy areas but it’s well doable. Only big hurdle is downloading the game, at 500Mb it’s definitely a good few overnights with a download manager.

Send “Berious” an in-game mail if you do play. I’ll happily answer any questions and give you a little headstart.

Well, the standard, Civ 3, Sim City 4, the Sims if you’re into that stuff. If you want to expand your horizons, I just picked up Knights of the Old Republic today (Yeah Yeah, I’m a little behind), and I’m falling in love with it after just 30 minutes of play. If you’ve got the money, I’d give Half Life 2 a try. The gameplay is great, but I had much more fun with Garry’s Mod .

Battlefield 2 is pretty fun, so far. Multiplayer squad-based First person shooter. You can drive jeeps, tanks, helicoptors, jets, speedboats, run around on foot with machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, landmines, etc. Lots of fun.

As someone said before, Half Life 2 is very impressive if you have the cash for it.

One of my friends recommended Republic Commando. The XBox version is pretty fun, I imagine the PC version is probably good too. There’s a demo online if you want to check it out first.

I thought Republic Commando on the PC was quite fun.

I’d suggest against Imperial Glory. It’s a fun game, but there’s too many bugs in it. I say wait a few months for patchest to come out, and the price to lower, and then It’d be worth it.

Here’s ya go.