Need a new job

All right, I’m sick of my current day care job. The kids are mean and the pay is low. I need you to recommend a new job. I need at least $10 an hour.

My credentials: One semester from a BA in Poli Sci. 6 years in the Army. Government clearance. 6 yrs as a day care teacher.

I need something, anything, that gets me away from these kids that’s still tolerable. Whatcha got?


Work in a call center? Most will hire anyone with a pulse. Find one at a company with something other than that as well. If you show them you’re not an idiot, you can get moved off the call floor. Both my husband and I have done this. We started at 13 an hour.

Reenlist? I’ve still got til October left on this one. Besides, I said a job that’s tolerable. Dumping 3/4 of a tank of gas on a Saturday and Sunday every month to get treated like crap for $120 just doesn’t seem worth it. If they don’t promote me to SGT by July, I’m out. Otherwise, I just might consider it.

If you have a good driving record, a black suit, present yourself well, and can tolerate a combination of early morning and late night shifts you could drive a limo. If you have all those things plus $20k you could buy your own (used) limo (dion’t forget to get your livery license and take out an ad in the paper).

If you have a good driving record, but none of those other things, you could drive a cab.

Tending bar is a decent job, too. They say the bartender is the princwe of the working class.

Temping should get you into the wage range you’re talking about, and temp jobs are plentiful and diverse.

Are you still working on that BA in Poli Sci? If so, or even if you’re taking just a semester off, talk with your school about some type of paid internship. In Poli Sci this probably means government, or possibly some type of advocacy. Any halfway decent school should have many leads for you, either through the department or career office.

I should also clarify that I need it to be PT and during the work week, preferrably during the day. I don’t want to trade kids for late nights and being exhausted in school. I like the limo idea but my driving record has some fender benders (me vs. guardrail) so I don’t know if I can do that. I’d like to tend bar but the best paid shifts are at night.

Temp jobs pay better than that around here - how are your Word/Excel skills? How about receptionist?

I could do that, yeah. I know quite a bit about computers and can sell things easily too (people like me). Can I do it PT though?