Need a Screensaver

I’m looking for a screensaver for my PC at work. The weirder the better. I’d prefer animation or 3D to slideshows. I’ve been to several sites already, but if any of you can link me to one of your favorites, that’d be great.

I’m just easily bored with the ones I have, and like to change them every week or so.


My favorite is one called “Bad Dog.” When the screensaver starts, your desktop doesn’t look any different, but after a few minutes a goofy looking dog comes out from the side of the screen and starts sniffing everything, interrupted only by looking at you occasionally and panting with a stupid grin. However, he’ll eventually prove himself as being bad by digging holes in your desktop, knocking over your recycle bin, peeing on the “My Computer” icon, etc., until a stern voice admonishes “Bad dog!” He’ll then slink off the monitor only to start the process again a few minutes later.

I’m usually no fan of screensavers, I had it on my computer about 8 years ago and loved it.

Alas, do you have a link?

Sorry. I quick search on Google was pretty much fruitless – I think it was an After Dark screensaver and is on their “Greatest Hits” CD.

In a word: No, sorry.

(OK, make that two words).

Here is the screensaver that I currently useParticle Fire 2, made by the excellent people at Longbow Digital Arts.

It’s a trippy fireworky type deal, and I think it looks pretty nifty. Plus you can change around the colours and effects to suit your mood.