Need an artistic collaborator to weave my pubic hair.

Apparently there is a market for it, if not a real marketplace at least among grants agencies.

Based on the shower trap residue, I’d say I am pretty productive, pubic-hair wise. I can also participate in the artistic process by changing my diet, before different “harvests”.

So I have the product and the business savvy, but I need a good crafts person. Can the hair be used as is, or must it be spun? We need to develop a product line, and I need someone with the technical expertise.

I forsee expansion into other body residue recycling in the near future. Nail clippings are only the tip of the iceberg. For volume’s sake, we especially need to work on our major excreta (urine, feces, and perspiration).

Who wants in on a growth industry?





What kind of person looks at their short 'n curlies floating in the toilet bowl and thinks, “You know, that would make a lovely brooch for Aunt Gertrude!”?

If you want it done in PA, you might need to find someone licensed!

Pa. House plan would require hair braiders to be licensed

Hair braiding has become a big enough business in Pennsylvania to attract state licensing officials. A bill being considered by the state House Professional Licensure Committee would require the hair braiders to get a license.

The bill, introduced by state Rep. W. Curtis Thomas, D-Philadelphia, also would establish guidelines for teaching and testing the technique.

Thomas said he introduced the bill after at least 25 braiders in his district were fined for not having cosmetology licenses.


$360 for a necklace…damn. And here I’m barely getting fifty bucks for weaving my asshairs into toupees for bald guys.

I agree with Mikie… ew.

If they can do it with dog hair…

Quiltguy, you certainly have the right name for the job.

Reminds me of…

I toil, though I do not spin. Get thee to a weaver.:smiley: