Need answer fast: Itunes. Need to 'wipe' one ipod, and put all my stuff on another.

Well, would like answer in the next 3 hours.

I am selling my ipod 2nd gen 32gb to my brother and I have bought a 3rd gen 64gb ipod.

I want all the stuff on my 2nd gen ipod to be on my 3rd gen ipod, and then I want my 2nd gen ipod to be ‘fresh’ and not associated with my account so I can sell it to my brother.

I want to avoid doing anything stupid by accident - like lose all my stuff from itunes itself.

I want my brother to be able to plug the 2nd gen ipod into his own itunes and use it as his own, download his own apps using his own account.

I’m pretty sure all your brother needs to do is plug the old iPod into his computer and sync. This should erase all of your music and add his. The same is true for the apps.

Sync everything from your 2nd gen to your computer. Then go to the iPod menu in iTunes and hit “Reset to factory settings.” That will wipe it clean.

Unplug the 2nd gen; plug in the 3rd gen. Sync again.

When your brother plugs in the 2nd gen., iTunes will recognize it as a brand new iPod.

I had to register the new one with itunes. The probably means I had to register the other one when I got it.

When my bro plugs it into his won’t it come up ‘already registered to Lobsang’?
(obviously not ‘Lobsang’, but you know what I mean :slight_smile: )

That registration just tells apple you originally bought it. Its asssociation to iTunes store and a computer is a wholly different thing. You can “Reset to factory settings” or when your brother plugs it into his computer, it will ask him if he wants to reset this iPod (which will do the same thing+ mate it to his computer)