Need answer (not so fast) about amazon order

I ordered something from and merrily, I was tracking my package. Unfortunately, it says that my package left NYC where I live and went to Long Island City where it’s out for delivery. Er…what gives? And whom do I contact about getting this straightened out?

Call customer service for UPS, give them the tracking number and correct the address.

It may be possible that some Manhattan deliveries are processed and delivered from a Long Island City terminal, it may be the closest terminal for some East Side and Midtown addresses

True. I sent an email about it, so I’ll see if they get back to me…thank you, guys.

Long Island City is in Queens, ya know.

Make sure the amazon has both breasts.

Well, said to let the seller know in a few days if it doesn’t show up. But now it’s saying it’s been delivered in New York City so I’ll check when I get back home and see if my lip venom is here!

Looks like you were right! I just got home and picked it up. Thanks, all!