Need cat advice

Background: We live in a very rural area, we’re on 25 acres, have a couple of neighbors within a mile of us, and no one seems especially concerned about kitty population control except us. The subject of this advice is likely a migrant cat from a neighbor’s farm who isn’t missed–we’ve checked with the closest neighbors and he’s not theirs. We do have room for him; one more cat (we have 3) is not a huge deal, so I hate to take him to the already crowded pounds.

This guy (as yet unnamed, taking suggestions) moved into our shop about 2 weeks ago. Not a great photo, he’s gorgeous with lovely green eyes. Also, SUPER friendly. Which makes me think maybe he was dumped. Yes, I’ve been feeding him. He shows no inclination toward acquiring his own food. I’m guessing, looking at his teeth, that he is about a year old.

The problem is he is marking his territory, and harassing the other cats and dogs. Even our boss dog, Mira, is scared of him. He has been determined to get into the house, and when he did, he promptly shit on the floor. He’s been “spraying” in the shop. It’s just lovely, my husband is thrilled.

Here’s the question: at this age, with these behaviors already being displayed, is neutering him likely to fix this issue? I’ve already got an appointment to have him neutered next Tuesday, but after today’s shitting on the floor issue (a nice, clean litter box is available to him, plus the great outdoors) I’m not sure I want to deal with this. I’ve never had issues like this with a cat, and we’ve fostered many. Granted, we always gotten them “fixed” asap, and never had to deal with an adult male cat.

So, anyone neuter a tom cat, and it actually fixed already present problems?

Here’s some information until someone knowledgable comes along.

I can share anecdotal evidence. YMMV. I accidentally waited too long to neuter a cute little fuzz ball we were given. I prefer to neuter early, to avoid potential issues, but I completely missed it with this guy. From youngest and bottom of the heap, he went to thinking he ruled the house. He was chasing our other three cats around, marking everything, and generally being a tyrannical pain in the ass.

I got him neutered and everything flipped. The other 3 cats repaid him with interest for being such a jerk. He stopped marking. I can’t speak to the dogs, because he wasn’t ever silly enough to push mine around. I think the same would apply.

I can’t promise neutering will help, but I think it’s likely. Sooner the better.

Thank you,** ddsun**! I really just wanted at least one person to say that yes, cat was being an asshole and neutering him helped. I’ll tell my (pissed off) husband. :slight_smile:

I do like this cat, he’s such a sweetie when he’s not awful.