Need fluffy kittens or something, so I can sleep

I just finished reading one of the darkest, most disturbing murder mysteries I can recall in a great long while. Also, I am going to need to go to bed soon. I need some sort of cute or humorous distraction lest I have screaming nightmares about holes in the wall all night. Please, give me some links fast!


Dog carries cat on its back.

Baby cracking up while playing with a kitten

Scout the Fennec Fox playing with his ball

Scout settling down for a nap

Murkin the dog and his cats

Thanks so far, I’m slightly less freaked than I was a few minutes ago. I dunno how long I’ll have to stay up, but hopefully I’ll get to bed before midnight.

(Note to self: when the New York Times calls something a “devious, deeply felt psychological chiller”, they’re not kidding around).

What was the book?

Broken Harbour, by Tana French.

Rabbit trained to do an agility course, intercut with scenes/music from Rocky.

**Mocha in “His First Broccoli!” ** :cool:

What kind of a-hole posts this, but doesn’t say what book?


Edit - NM, ninja’d and answered.


And now it’s time for: Marine Mammals Doing Things You Would Not Expect

Dolphin Pets Cat

Beluga Whale Dancess to Mariachi Music

I suppose you’re going to tell us now that a ferret could have done it better and with more appealing theme music as well, right?

[li]Den of Kittens[/li][li]Mother Whale Lifting Her Baby to See Humans on Boat[/li][li]Twin moose calves playing in sprinkler[/li][li]SCP-701[/li][/ul]

Oh hell no. Ferrets have the attention span of a toddler who’s been pounding espresso shots. (I got the nickname from the phrase “herding cats” as used to indicate a fruitless activity - “herding ferrets” is just as difficult but with faster critters.)

It’s been a couple years since my last ferret passed away, but we own two adorable Dutch rabbits now. My rabbits do not do agility courses, nor do they high jump or herd sheep (yes, that’s a dog at the start - wait until about the 11 second mark).

However, I did buy a clicker and a book on training your rabbit. :smiley:

Really, I’ll be happy if I can get them to come when called. They do know their names, at least.

After reading this I’ve just had it delivered to my Kindle :smiley:

Missed the edit window - I only just ordered it and am waiting for it to arrive. Little Eddie in the agility video inspired me to give it a shot. My only concern is that with two of them, if I’m training and rewarding only one at a time, the other one will see and get extremely jealous. (If we have one out of the cage/playpen and the other not, the confined rabbit will stare at us and stomp his foot in anger.) A mad bunny is awfully cute, at least.

Baby walrus wants cuddles