NEED HELP figuring out a witty name

I am redoing our guest room and having plenty of fun! It has its own private bathroom and we are always focused on providing every creature comfort possible (there is a coffee maker and stocked bar size refrigerator in there along with flat screen TV) I typically make custom wrapped little chocolate candy bars for our guests and leave them in the room. Our last name begins with the letter P. Can anyone help me think of a name of our home/haven to use on these wrappers? I also set out soap in custom clear bags that I print with the letter P on them. Now I am making a custom pillow that will have our name on it too. Darn it, I cannot come up with anything I like. If our name started with the letter R, we would go with something like Rest and Recovery soemthing… I do not want to use the word Palace because it’s too much like bragging. I want it humorous yet elegant and the letter P isn’t giving me lots of options. Any clever ones out there to help me name this? (wrapped candy bars could be in your future). :smiley: Thanks!

Are you opening a B&B or do you just want to wow your overnight visitors?

I don’t like to lead with snark, but truthfully speaking, “pretentious” was the first word that popped to mind.

On a more helpful note …
Peaceful, placid, pampered/pampering, pleasant, perfect, Praise (if you’re into that kinda thinking), personal, precious, purple (if that’s your color scheme), pastoral (if you live out in the country), partyroom, playroom, pornroom (if you’re into *that *kinda thinking :D).

Your surname is Peaserton for the purposes of this post. :slight_smile:
Peaserton’s Place.
Pampered at Peaserton’s.

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You’re doing up a room just for ME???

Wow, I’m flattered and all, but, really, I don’t know you well enough and with the family and all, I would make a terrible roomie…:smiley:
for the candy (YES!) errm Palate Pleasing? mmm, maybe is it a specific type of chocolate, perhaps “Hurled Peas’ Palate Pleasing Pralines”? looked that one up using a thesaurus so…applicability may be lacking.
the soap…Pleasurable…Something? huh, this is harder than it seems like it should be! the most amusing I could come up with using the thesaurus was “pretty lies”
Hurled Peas’ Pretty Lies…not the most reassuring is it. Have you considered using Powdered Soap?:cool: hmm purgative, no wrong connotation, umm, purifier?
I would suggest leaving the pillow plain as that would seem pretentious to me.


Patent Pending

Really? You do all of that for your guests? We must live in different worlds. I don’t have guests very often, but when I do, I offer my bedroom as theirs, wash the sheets and make things tidy. I sleep on the sofa. I buy some nice wine and cook a great meal.

OK, here is my suggestion:
Paramount - synonym for best.
Palsy-walsy - synonyms - lovey-dovey, neighborly…

Sounds like a case of the six P’ s: Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Pampering.

Actually, “P” is a pretty versatile letter with many sounds available:
Pretty Pleased - works on several levels
Psycho-collates/Psychocolates - pronounced “sy chocolates”
Phantasmagoria - or if that suggests a horror movie, then Phuntasmagoria
Phantasy - it’s a real word, really!
Phatphree - pronounced fat free. Even if the chocolate isn’t

These are ALL great! I really appreciate this! In answer to an earlier question, no, not opening a B+B, just love to truly wow our over night guests. It’s fun for me to do and it’s fun to have them feel welcomed and loved. I try to make it like a fancy hotel experience with the little things that I hope make our occasional guests feel pampered (and doggone it, I was so brain dead yesterday that obvious word (pampered) never crossed my mind! Again, thanks a million everyone! :slight_smile:

Pour vous! Well it is, isn’t it?

You have a coffee maker, fridge and tv in the bathroom? That’s fancy.

ha, you’re right…I said it wrong. It has a private bath. The coffee maker and fridge is in the guest room :slight_smile:


Pwhatever’s Pleasuredome

Take a P

You folks are so clever! I get such a laugh at some of the responses! Thanks!!!:slight_smile: