Need help form Japanese Dopers

I purchased an Olympus digital camera for my wife for Christmas, and for her birthday she received the underwater housing that fits the camera so that we can take it diving. The seller of the housing ( gets them from Japan and then sells them here (US). The housings are in their original packaging with Japanese instructions.

I contacted Olympus through their web site to get English instructions, and I received a reply that Olympus America does not support the product. I tried the Olympus Japan website, but it is (not suprisingly) also in Japanese. I’m hoping that one of the Japanese Dopers can get an English-language set of instructions from Olympus Japan.

It is an Olympus PT-010 camera housing.

Thanks for any help.

You might check the Olympus forum at

Or you can use a translation website:

To do what? Type in ~30 pages of Kanji characters?

You apparently didn’t actually go to the site of the link. Try it.

There’s a Japanese instruction page here:
The five blue buttons at the bottom are links to instruction pages. It’s not the full manual, just the “getting started” guide, but it’s probably enough. Cut-and-paste the links into the AltaVista translation engine.

You might also try sending e-mail to the European office of Olympus. If those don’t help, let me know again and I’ll try calling Olympus Japan.

I would not have said what I did if I hadn’t gone to the site linked. I have, as I said, a 30 page printed manual in Japanese. I do not have a Japanese character set installed, which would require using escape codes for each character. I have no electronic version that would work with altavista – hence my question.

Thankfully, scr4 read my post accurately and provided the requisite electronic text. I will try that, and I appreciate your help. Thanks also to irae for suggesting an alternate resource.

Here is another guide (in German and English) that might be of some help:

You’ll need Acrobat Reader to view the file, if you don’t already have it installed.

Yeeha!! That’s it!

jblack, enter the Hall of Fame. A first post that provides a definitive answer is some debut. Welcome to the SDMB.

Thanks again!