Need help in writing a sexy Subject line for my posts

I am in dire need of Post writing header skills. I want to be able to capture the audience with the just the subject line.

Any info will be good, but would appreciate the more sexier of the members here to clue me in.


The key is to have a filthy mind and think of everything out of context. Take the subject, or some small aspect of it and twist it to fit a perversion.

Writing a story about your dog? Call it “Doing it Doggy Style.”

Have something to say about politics? Make ample reference to the word “Bush.”

Getting a new car? Try leading in with a discussion on the size of your “stick” (shift).

And don’t forget that almost any object can be used for masturbation. Always an easy quip to latch onto.

If you get suck, I mean STUCK, just write to me! I’m always willing to lend a hand…err…help a friend.


“Hey Buddy, ya wanna see pictures of SexyWriter innna thong?”

That’ll get attention. And I don’t care if it doesn’t go with anything you really have to say.

Oh, wait…don’t use that. Now that I think about it, I want to use that for my 100th post.

The words ‘penis’, ‘beer’, and ‘vagina’ should be used excessively, almost to a breaking point. Even at points in the sentence where penis they make no vagina sense at all. This is pretty well beer guaranteed to penis attract attention vagina.

Yes actually, now that I think of it, any lame pick up line will work nicely. I would simply try, “Hey baby, you got any Italian in ya” or something to that effect and then start your story with the words, “Now that I have your attention…”

Very nice way to work in some smut.

A thong? Good God Rue, do you want someone to get hurt?


Take some lessons from the professionals. All of the following are from genuine phone sex ads. To keep the mods happy, I’ve pre-screened them for obscenities.

“Milk may do a body good…but cream satisfies my craving”

“I’m a lustful teen hottie…ready to get naughty”

“A Catholic schoolgirl’s education”

“Cum to our pajama party”

“Slut housewives bored at home”

With a subject line like any of the above, you’ll get hundreds of hits. Of course when they open your thread and find you’re discussing Ecuadorian dollarization policy, you’ll probably get some complaints.