Need Help Naming a Non Profit Horse Retraining Center

A friend is starting a non profit horse retraining center. The center will focus on educating thoroughbred owners and trainers about options for race horses when they are no longer able to race. She will also take in race horses who can no longer race, and retrain them for another “career”, ie dressage, pleasure riding, jumping, work with disabled kids, etc. And she will educate the new owners of these horses how to best care for them and support the horses in their new careers.

Her preference is for the name to focus on continuing education. The name should also be something connected to horses and/ or racing. The center will be based in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

Any ideas?? Thanks for your help.

A-Whey-WE Go!

Whinnny-Place-Draw Academy

Whoa Nelly! Academy
Your friend is probably looking for something more refine and leaning towards the regal blood lines of horses. Something WASPY.

Allllrighttty then:

Wintermoor Throughbreds

Bramblemoor "

Springhaven "

Summerhaven "


Blue Grass Thoroughbreds & Rehab-Recycle for humans & Equines.

Saratoga Equine Academy ** ooooooh


Back in the Saddle!
yeah, that was awful

How about “Look of Eagles Racehorse Rehab”? (Named for the look winning racehorses supposedly have in their eyes – the look of eagles.)

Homestretch Racehorse Rehab

Second Life Farms

Racehorse Redeux” (Probably spelled wrong – sorry.)

Home at Last Retraining Stables

[If it were up to me, I would name it something like “Prospectus Farm,” “Gynarchy Farm” or “S.J.'s Farm” in honor of my late girlfriend (who had been a hotwalker and a groom) and/or two of her favorite thoroughbreds, which have no doubt long since met some horrible fate or other. I have dreamed of setting up a similar organization in her honor. I wish your friend the best of luck in her endeavor, and I would love to hear more about it when it is up and running.]


Ponygirl Academy

Out to Pasture


Courses For Horses

We’re So Glueless

A Change of Pace

Off Track - On Course


How about:

[li]Backstretch[/li][li]Jockeying for Reposition (ooh…that sucks)[/li][/ul]

Second Firsts Farm
(they are learning something new, for the second time…)

Flying Changes Farm
(Actually I really like this one. A)it’s a term for something they will be learning in their new lives B) Flying = racing/speeding, Changes=changes. I’m brilliant if I do say so.)

G&HT, if you’re not already a member, you might consider joining its one of the biggest, if not the biggest horse BBs on the web (at least for English riding/endurance/racing/hunting), lots of knowledgable posters and even top trainers post there. They’re good at this sort of thing.

BTW, Re-Run & Second Chances are already taken in case anyone’s wondering.

I’m a big fan of ReRun - Recycling Racehorses. They are a multi-state race horse rescue which has it’s main office in Millersburg, KY.

As for your friend’s organization, I like “Homestretch - Permanent Homes for Racehorses”. Good luck to her - it’s a good thing she’s doing.


I wanted to say “Middle of the Stream” but then it occurred to me that that’s where you’re * not * supposed to change horses.

Sir. Trots-a-alot Academy.

Finish Line Equine R & R.: Rehab and Recycle Where every horse is a winner. ™(patPend)